Sunday, 4 February 2018

Introducing Orla...

About 18 months a go I had an idea.  I added the things I needed to various online shopping carts and then did absolutely sod all about them.  I do that a lot!

Then, after seeing one of said items in my eBay basket last month I decided to actually do the thing.  And voila....introducing Orla!

Okay, she's not much to look at here but she was the base of the idea.  I wanted something to photograph (and possibly block) hats on and had considering how best to turn the above, naked and quite sinister, head into something more photogenic and "Nyree-like".  My solution...

Oh yes - Mod Podge.   And Orla Kiely wrapping paper.  Which actually pained me to cut up because...well, it's pretty!  Thankfully for the next part, I own a paper guillotine from long past days of paper crafting.

The design lends itself to pretty even squares which my OCD tendencies delighted in!  Next came the messy part.  Well, it was messy after R and O joined in! 

The whole process was completed over several days - I did the main head on the first day, followed by the more difficult face on the second and the neck and base on the third.  This ensured that I wasn't over handling any wet areas as I found this made the paper fuzz up.  The OK wrapping paper is really thick (and lovely - did I mention it was lovely!) and for the face areas I soaked it in water to make it more malleable.  The whole head was then given a really good couple of coats of Mod Podge all over and voila - Orla!