Monday, 29 January 2018

Stash Enhancement - Dye Candy

I'm not the most adventurous when it comes to stash enhancement and have to confess, I'm not particularly likely to sign up for yarn clubs.  Whilst I actually do love surprises, I have such a narrow spectrum of yarn colours and dye styles I love, that the thought of ending up with numerous skeins I wouldn't use with my current pittance of yarn funds most definitely puts me off!

However, there is one thing I do love and that's S P E C K L E S!  

Now, don't get me wrong, I was pretty reluctant when they first appeared.  Over the years I have pretty much totally stopped using variegated yarn and a lot of speckles seemed more akin to short variegation than actual speckles.  And often the base colour was pale.  I so don't do pale!

And then I discovered Hedgehog Fibres and fell in love.  Between HHF and Martin's Lab, I built up quite a nice (and very pink themed, since most were for my FYF shawl!) Speckles Stash.

Hedgehog Fibres Stash 2017

Despite my fussiness, I do follow a huge amount of Indie Dyers and have long loved the colours and style of Hutch at Dye Candy.  I nabbed a skein of Beetlejuice on High Twist Sock in a destash last year and the colour saturation is fantastic!

Dye Candy High Twist Sock "Beetlejuice"

After lusting over several colourways, I saw a post about November's Speckle Club on Instagram and HAD to have a skein.  "Poison" is actually even more gorgeous in the flesh, with a fantastic purple you can just see under the label.  Best of all, Hutch has totally nailed speckles the exact way I like them!

Dye Candy Super Sock "Poison" November 2017 Speckles Club

I caved after that and signed up for Speckles Club!  I've since had December and January's skeins and am most definitely not disappointed.

Dye Candy GlitterBug Sock "Pass the Cranberry Sauce!" December 2017 Speckles Club

Dye Candy Singlings "Medusa" January 2018 Speckles Club

Dye Candy Speckles Club November 2017 - January 2018

Fab huh!   I've also had my eye on a couple of colourways that, luckily for me as it meant I didn't have to do the whole messaging thing (talking to people, even online, is scary AF!), have been restocked over the last month and I love them all - especially Winter Run and Doll Parts which are just perfection in yarn form!  I highly recommend you go and spend all your monies (but leave some for me!)

Dye Candy Super Sock "Winter Run"

Dye Candy Super Sock "Doll Parts"

Dye Candy Super Sock "Seasick"

Dye Candy Stash January 2018

Absolutely no apologies for the photo heavy yarn porn from me!  

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