Monday, 16 October 2017

Dyeing Up A Storm

Seems quite an apt title given that Storm Ophelia is currently blowing away and we've had the weirdest orange sun and sepia skies today!

But I was more referring to yarn, of course.  I've loved dyeing my own yarn for quite a while (would one day love to delve into becoming an indie dyer should the 48 hour day ever be invented) and am finding more and more at the moment that I will dye my own yarn unless I see something that I *have* to have!

So, recent (how on earth has it been 5 months since I blogged?!) dye jobs include...

A trio of Merino Singles Sock Yarn dyed with Dharma Fluorescent Dyes.  No plans at all for these as I was just testing the dye out but they do look rather good together!

A sweater quantity of Merino Sock Yarn (purchased at Yarndale 2016) to make a Polaris jumper.  I couldn't decide between green or pink but eventually decided to stick with my original plan of eye searing pink!

Spooky Sparkle Mini's in Sparkle Singles Sock.  Halloween is by far my favourite time of year and couldn't resist dyeing up a set of mini skeins in Halloween inspired colours.  The singles sparkle sock base looks amazing dyed up (I was slightly unsure of it when undyed!) 

And last but not least...

Black Pumpkin Self Striping Sock Yarn.  This was this weekends project and I loved dyeing it - did not love winding it quite as much!!  Destined to be yet another pair of Sod Socks! Gloves which I am just casting on.  

I have another few skeins of sock weight left to play around with and have plans for some neon speckles.  I've also got a few hat pattern that require DK on my wish list so think I'll have to pick up some more undyed skeins for those too.