Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Making Cakes

Back in April 2010 I purchased my first ball winder.   A vintage £6 eBay bargain - it arrived in the original box, which was battered, dusty but otherwise as new.  That little winder has since wound a hell of a lot of yarn!

A couple of years ago I decided to upgrade,  the little winder had started clunking a bit and I needed a jumbo winder to tackle a 300g skein of Wollmeise Lace.  I had been lusting after a wooden winder since my first, but the only options were very expensive and had few UK stockists.  I eventually settled on a Brother Jumbo L2 Winder which I have been really happy with (although it always takes me a few turns to remember which was to thread the yarn through the second arm!)

As happy as I was though, my heart still lusted after a wooden winder.  After the unfortunate issue last year with waiting almost a year on a custom waiting list and eventually giving in on the seller (I'd lost faith in the customer service anyway)  I had all but given in on getting one.
Then a few weeks ago I saw the winder I wanted appear for sale, completely as new, and at a great price.  After some gentle persuasion from a certain best friend and the added bonus of birthday money covering half of the cost, I took the plunge and  purchased a Strauch Jumbo Ball Winder.


It is truly a thing of beauty!! 

Initial thoughts were tainted slightly as there was a bit of a grinding sound - cue panic and sadness!!   However, there was just a drop of lubricant needed and wow - ball winding perfection!!  I wound just over 700g of sock yarn for my Fade Shawl in an afternoon with absolutely no shoulder/wrist pain and it really was yarn winding joy!!  I actually take huge pleasure in winding yarn cakes (although only wind yarn as requires - my stash is all stored in skeins!) and I am so, so happy I took the plunge as I can see this lasting for many, many years to come.