Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Rainbow Layer Me Up Mitts

In my current attempt to complete old WIP's, I dug out my Layer Me Up Mitts which had been languishing in my WIP basket since the end of last year.

I saw these fabulous mitts on Instagram and offered to test knit them for Toni of Woolgasm.  Whilst I managed to finish the first mitt in a few days, the second has been half finished for the last few months!

I decided to use sock yarn I had leftover from my Pop Spots shawl - I'd dyed several individual skeins in solids to form a rainbow and, with a fair amount of each colour leftover, they were ideal for this project.

The pattern calls for a both a German Twisted Cast on and German Short Rows - which ironically are currently both my favourite cast on and favourite short row method.  The finished mitt gives the impression that you are wearing several layers (hence the name!) by the separate colours being knitted together - a really easy technique which gives fantastic results, I think it would also look great on the hem of a slouchy sweater!

Yarn:  Sock skeins dyed in Rainbow Solids by Me

The best part about these mitts is that you can have SO much fun with the colours!  They use so little yardage per pair that it's an ideal project for mini skeins or leftovers.  My yarn was a heavier weight sock with 344m per 100g and I used the following amounts per pair:
Red:  12.4g
Orange: 10g (inc thumb)
Yellow: 9.2g
Green: 7.2g
Blue: 8g
Purple: 5.8g

Yarn:  Sock skeins dyed in Rainbow Solids by Me

I can definitely see more of these on the needles in the future - I think a gradient of a single colour would be perfect!

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