Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Yarndale 2016

The beginning of Autumn...shorter days, falling leaves, cosy days curled up on the sofa...AND YARNDALE!!

I once again took advantage of the fabulous Knit Nottingham coach trip up, staying overnight in Nottingham with C - which of course meant being completely knackered (as much from lack of sleep as from getting up at an obscene time that started with a 6!)  I also accidentally dropped one of my Venti Starbucks just before we got to the coach stop which thankfully wasn't a bad omen for the day although I did also pull a hole in my Avalanche sweater shortly after arriving at Yarndale too but that's now fixed!

Like last year I took absolutely no photos as I am useless!!  I also went with no specific shopping list this year apart from a Spin City Drop Spindle and being determined to buy something in a different fibre and colours to my norm (no pink or lime green!) If nothing else, the atmosphere of Yarndale and just being surrounded by SO much gorgeous yarn, fibre and related items as well as a huge amount of knitters/crocheters/spinners is amazing with or without buying lots of new fluff (and that's coming from someone who hates crowds and is painfully shy!)

On to my new acquisitions then!

Spin City was a must stop stall for us as both myself and C wanted a Drop Spindle.  Louise makes absolutely gorgeous resin drop spindles and obscenely floofy batts in quite possibly the BEST colours ever!  This is my new pretty...

Next up on the "completely necessary to visit" stalls was Easyknits.  Jon is one of my go to Indie Dyers in the UK as his colours are so beautifully saturated and his solid colours tick all my boxes! I've had a bit of an itch to buy blue yarn just lately - which is odd because despite blue and purple once being my favourite colours I never knit with them!   I was drawn to a skein of Deeply Wicked in Aquillian and then found a perfect match in a skein of Dusted Dreams Galactica.

My other completely "need to visit" stall was WooSheeps.  I only discovered WooSheeps at Yarndale last year and highly recommend them!  Neil dyes such epically fabulous solid coloured skeins on very gorgeous bases...and with the most hilarious names (anyone for a Pink Big Dick?) and Sue is just fabulously lovely in every way!  I was extremely restrained and left the Dick alone (not often I can say that!) but did succumb to a decadent skein of Ken in Imperial Purple - a merino, silk, yak blend which I think needs to be knitted with a lime green to make the colour pop even more!

Next up was Five Moons who again does a huge range of solid colour skeins in a rainbow of fantastically saturated colours.  The 50g skeins are ideal for me as they are perfect for hat knitting!  I've been hankering after a skein of something autumnal for a Woolly Wormhead Cannetella and not only did I find the perfect skein of Pumpkin Luna 4Ply but there was even a sample of the Cannetella in a similar tone (as well as other WW samples YAY!  I think I'm experiencing a bit of a fangirl moment over the fabulous WW!)   I've already caked this and started the cast on - I'm thinking of beading it too for a change!

My last yarn purchase was 5 skeins of Undyed Superwash Merino Sock which is destined to be dyed in a deep fuchsia to make a cardigan - I'm thinking the Solstice Cardi as the simplicity really appeals and will suit my style although I'm also thinking a bit of lace on the back may be nice!  Who knows just yet - I have lots of other must make projects before I start this (and I wish I'd picked up another pack of these as I still REALLY want to dye ALL the yarn!)

So that sums up my very restrained purchases!  I was also won over by the travel coffee cup so that and a pen were my last minute buys - here's my Yandale 2016 Haul Picture.

My only regrets are that I didn't say hi to more people I recognised (or for that matter arrange to meet any IG friends!) That and not taking lunch again LOL  By the time I got home just after 8pm I was painfully exhausted and it's taken me a couple of days to recover.

Back to the usual day to day activities now though and bad timing meant that last week actually marked the start of t'husbeast opening his new business so it's all very busy and a tad stressful here which is very much meant a lack of blogging (or knitting!) so I shall endeavour to do an update post soon!    

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