Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Aptly named!

Today is really rather grey, drizzly and miserable.  I have one of those dull headaches that can only be blamed on the weather (and also slightly on the bickering children and very severe lack of sleep!) 

As such, today is very much fuelled by coffee and yarn cakes...

This has become my new easy knitting project and is the fabulous Westknits Doodler in Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light.  

I've also been knitting away on my Yarndale shawl - Semele in Wollmeise Pure "Wasabi" - and am on the last increase repeat (about halfway!)   No pictures though as the lace looks as ridiculously naff as all unblocked lace does!!  

On a completely none knitting related post, I received this gorgeousness in the post today.

It's a belated gift from the husbeast as, after what is now 6 months waiting, it seems like I am not going to be getting the yarn winder I ordered for my birthday/anniversary/mothers day gift.  I have been lusting after some Mary Greenwell perfume for ages and actually went and got some for myself last month.  I have had a bit of a thing for scents since I met DH, who started it all by buying me my first expensive perfumes!  My tastes have changed significantly since the 90's though and nowadays I tend to stick to just a few different scents and like my winged eye liner, I wear perfume every day.  I initially really wanted the Mary Greenwell Lemon but was really underwhelmed when I tested it - I wanted in your face citrus but didn't get it.  Cherry however was love at first sniff!  Plum was a close second so I'm so pleased to add this to my collection! 

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