Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Wollmeise Stash

This is a totally self indulgent post!  In an attempt to raise some funds I've been having a sort out of my stash and for once had all of my Wollmeise stash (bar those in project bags and a sneaky skein that was hiding) in one place, so figured a photo shoot was in order.  Whilst yesterday was a really beautiful spring day, sunny, warm and I managed to get catch up on everything round the house - today has been the polar opposite!  Cold, grey and very miserable (me and the weather) so this was my attempt at cheering myself up in a none-chocolate-consuming manner. 

The Laces...I also have my Green Versuch which I'm making my Avalanche sweater from but this is Frosch WD and Kneif Mich - I'm still not as in love with Kneif Mich as I am with Fuchsia though!

Pure Grey's...I seem to have a thing for Grey!  These are a Versuch Schwartz, 82 Pb, Maus Alt, 26 Fe NiP and Maus Jung.

Pure Multi Pink's...
For someone that doesn't tend to use Multi's, these seem to be breeding!  These are Poison Nr 5 WD, True Love WD, 2 x Xaverl und Rosi and Xaverl (which is not particularly different to the Xaverl und Rosi's which I got all from the same update :-/)

Pure Pink's...My favourite pink EVER is Wollmeise Fuchsia!  Both these skeins are already allocated to projects and the other skein is a Himbeere WD.

Pure Green's...
Caked Frosch, Zarte Knopse and a skein and cake of Wasabi - my favourite green!


The other's...the bits that don't fit in with the above! Zarte Knopse in Blend and Pure in Versuch, Sternschnuppe, Rotkappchen WD and Clementine.

So there you have it!  I also have my stash of mini skeins as well as a Taste of Wollmeise set I snagged in a moment of indecision...it'll be fabulous for some colour work hats/mitts I think!