Sunday, 21 February 2016

Falling in love...all over again

With a WIP that is!!

With my knitting mojo AWOL and rushing around to leave the house in my usual far from organised state on Wednesday, I needed a WIP that required very little thought and grabbed my Avalanche Sweater project bag from my basket.  I haven't picked this up for a good 6 months and had forgotten quite how lovely it is!!  I'm currently knitting the body which is slightly amended from the pattern as I wanted a bit more length and it is literally just stocking stitch with the a couple of increase stitches every so often - ideal for knitting whilst talking and drinking gin!!

I've worked on it a bit more over the last day or so - it's been a very odd weekend here with us all sleeping in late both days - and can finally see some progress!    I've used 120g of my 325g skein of Wollmeise Lace so *should* have plenty left for the body/sleeves.

I still find it rather laughable that at my size, I've chosen to knit my first sweater in lace weight yarn!!  It may take me a while but it's definitely going to be much more wearable for me in this weight yarn.  My wardrobe nowadays consists of only 50's swing style dresses and skirts which I always pair with fitted thin knit cardigans so it took me ages to find a pattern that met my rather awkward criteria: fingering weight or finer, low cut neckline and a pattern that went large enough in the chest for my significant boobage!!

Of course, knitting this again also means I can avoid the border on my Aisling hehe!!

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