Tuesday, 16 February 2016

A rather belated FO Friday

Urgh I was totally on track to do a FO Friday with a project that was actually finished and ready on Friday!  Sadly, it was not meant to be.  Whilst I had actually done the knitting, washing and blocking, my knitting mojo (in fact my mojo, full stop) has completely upped and left me since last week - which I spent with a cold/flu/virus thing - leaving all of my projects relegated to my knitting basket and hidden out of view.  Whilst I'm no longer drowning in snot and have even managed most of today without a headache, all I want to do is sleep.

Self pity aside though - I have actually managed to photograph my FO, which is my second pair of elbow length fingerless gloves from my own pattern.  I think I may have to name the pattern "Sod Socks!" as it's such a fabulous way to show case self striping sock yarns.  

The yarn, as previous stated, is British Bea Knits Athena in "Nyree Dawn" - a sparkle self striping in black, hot pink and lime.   The pair took 70g/280m of a skein,  I shall endeavour to add the pattern on here at some point, I think!

Since I have achieved absolutely nothing else remotely interesting this week (unless you count the endless laundry and chores interesting!  Nope, me either!) I shall end today with an attempt at an arty shot of some of my rather pretty Valentine's Day tulips - I'm apparently getting cheaper with my floral tastes as the years go by!!  

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  1. Beautiful gloves and that yarn is _so_ you. Great way of using a self striping yarn other than socks :)