Monday, 29 February 2016

Knitting Project Wish List (2016 edition)

My knitting mojo is still VERY absent and I have been filling my free time with binge watching The Big Bang Theory instead!  As the lack of crafting is very much tied in with a slump in my mood I'm determined to get back to my #knitmyselfhappy mode and have had a spring clean of my WIP basket.  This in turn has meant revisiting my project wish list - which doesn't seem to have moved on much from last year - I really didn't get much finished from my original list with moving and I added a lot of smaller projects!

SONNENSEGEL in Noro Kureyon Sock (240) and Drops Brushed Alpaca Silk (02 Hellgrau) - Haven't picked this up since I started it but it's not relegated to the frog pond yet!

 in Rico Design Creative Poems Aran (04 and 05) -
I knitted a couple more of these and have about 2 and a half gloves left to knit to finish the five pairs.  

THE HULK (AKA PLUM ISLAND BIG BABY BLANKET) in Cygnet Seriously Chunky (Meadow Green) - Still hibernating...may complete it this decade...that still applies!!

in Wollmeise Lace Garn Versuch Green -
About half way through the body on this now...only picked it back up recently and definitely slow to grow!

AISLING SHAWL by Justyna Lorkowska - have 18 more border repeats to go (no pictures since I started the border though)

STARLIGHT SHAWL by Anna Dalvi - still to cast on!  I'll confess this is because double knitting is still a technique I need to getme head around

- started this last night as I found the caked skein of hand dyed BRIGHT pink yarn I'd put aside for this along with the pattern and needles all ready in a project bag! 

3 COLOUR CASHMERE COWL by Joji Locatelli - following the new release of the 3 colour cashmere shawl I have decided to make this version instead of the cowl as I will get much more wear from a shawl!

- still to cast on again after frogging it about 2 years ago!

SEMELE by ├ůsa Tricosa - I made MIL one of these a couple of years ago and LOVED the finished shawl.  Since I am totally lacking in any green shawls I've decided to make myself one in Wollmeise Pure in Wasabi which is my favourite green.

THE DOODLER by Stephen West - after falling in love with all the pictures during the knitalong, I couldn't resist adding this to my queue!

I'll no doubt add in a few more hats and gloves along the way - I still want to make a pair of gloves with actual fingers (shock horror!) and there a few more Woolly Wormhead hats I want to make this year.  

Now to actually knit instead of just plan hehe   


Sunday, 21 February 2016

Falling in love...all over again

With a WIP that is!!

With my knitting mojo AWOL and rushing around to leave the house in my usual far from organised state on Wednesday, I needed a WIP that required very little thought and grabbed my Avalanche Sweater project bag from my basket.  I haven't picked this up for a good 6 months and had forgotten quite how lovely it is!!  I'm currently knitting the body which is slightly amended from the pattern as I wanted a bit more length and it is literally just stocking stitch with the a couple of increase stitches every so often - ideal for knitting whilst talking and drinking gin!!

I've worked on it a bit more over the last day or so - it's been a very odd weekend here with us all sleeping in late both days - and can finally see some progress!    I've used 120g of my 325g skein of Wollmeise Lace so *should* have plenty left for the body/sleeves.

I still find it rather laughable that at my size, I've chosen to knit my first sweater in lace weight yarn!!  It may take me a while but it's definitely going to be much more wearable for me in this weight yarn.  My wardrobe nowadays consists of only 50's swing style dresses and skirts which I always pair with fitted thin knit cardigans so it took me ages to find a pattern that met my rather awkward criteria: fingering weight or finer, low cut neckline and a pattern that went large enough in the chest for my significant boobage!!

Of course, knitting this again also means I can avoid the border on my Aisling hehe!!

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

A rather belated FO Friday

Urgh I was totally on track to do a FO Friday with a project that was actually finished and ready on Friday!  Sadly, it was not meant to be.  Whilst I had actually done the knitting, washing and blocking, my knitting mojo (in fact my mojo, full stop) has completely upped and left me since last week - which I spent with a cold/flu/virus thing - leaving all of my projects relegated to my knitting basket and hidden out of view.  Whilst I'm no longer drowning in snot and have even managed most of today without a headache, all I want to do is sleep.

Self pity aside though - I have actually managed to photograph my FO, which is my second pair of elbow length fingerless gloves from my own pattern.  I think I may have to name the pattern "Sod Socks!" as it's such a fabulous way to show case self striping sock yarns.  

The yarn, as previous stated, is British Bea Knits Athena in "Nyree Dawn" - a sparkle self striping in black, hot pink and lime.   The pair took 70g/280m of a skein,  I shall endeavour to add the pattern on here at some point, I think!

Since I have achieved absolutely nothing else remotely interesting this week (unless you count the endless laundry and chores interesting!  Nope, me either!) I shall end today with an attempt at an arty shot of some of my rather pretty Valentine's Day tulips - I'm apparently getting cheaper with my floral tastes as the years go by!!  

Friday, 5 February 2016

The Power of Three

I seem to be collecting yarn in combinations of three skeins that look fantastic together at the moment.  Many are completely accidental matches - like this Easyknits trio. 

The Deeply Wicked skeins in Pinky and Keylime were bought together but intended for separate projects.  But add in the skein of Dusted Dreams in Neon Nights and they seem to be made for each other.  The Neon Nights is yet another skein which is far from my usual comfort zone of solids but makes me happier than I expected!

I'm also loving the trio I have in the wings for my Westknits Doodler.  The Madelinetosh Merino Light in Twig which I overdyed to a pure black really makes the neon Fluro Rose and Edison Bulb pop!

Now I just need to be restrained and not cast on yet (must.finish.all.current.WIP's!)

Thursday, 4 February 2016 the Pink

It's been a quiet week on the knitting front as I've been feeling considerably under the weather.  But the sun has come out and the postman has just delivered a couple of skeins I picked up from Ravelry destashes, so I'm having a quick cuppa and fondling nice yarn before I crack on with boring chores!

So first up the scrummy new yarn...which is not surprisingly, Wollmeise.  First up is a bargain NiP (Nobody is Perfect) skein in Versuchkaninchen.  The colours are a mix of my favourites and it's such a beautiful combination that reminds me of spring and tulips!

I also picked up a skein of the really rather decadent Blend in Zarte Knopse.  It's a sport weight with 499 metres per 150g skein and, as the name suggests, a fibre blend with 70% Merino, 20% Cashmere, 10% Nylon.  Deliciously soft!

As well as spending my last remaining yarn funds (I very much need to destash some yarn and a considerable amount of my wardrobe!)  I did manage to finish my second Woolly Wormhead Rosalind in Easyknits Deeply Wicked "Pinky" last weekend. 

I'm seriously tempted to cast on another but am trying to finish all my current WIP's before even considering casting on something new.  I desperately need to organise my WIP basket as well as the yarn stash as that has very much become a "cram it in wherever it fits" arrangement!  I also still want to sew a few more project bags...I think I'm going to have to start planning my days a bit better if I'm ever going to fit in everything I'd like to do since sleeping less is not a valid option hehe!