Wednesday, 20 January 2016

WIP Wednesday

Ironically I started writing this on Monday but didn't get very far! It was very much the weekend for not getting very far though, as I ended up frogging the entire border on my Aisling Shawl (again) after realising I had completely missed a section of the chart!

I did manage to finish my first elbow length fingerless glove in the fabulous British Bea Knits Self Striping.  Still need to name my pattern though...Loooooong Elbow Length Fingerless Gloves is a bit of a mouthful.

These ones really are elbow length!  I still have just under 68g of yarn left though (actual weight of the first glove is 33g. I've finally invested in a set of mini digital scales for my knitting bag as Lee has re-homed my others down to the depths of his man cave/office so am back to recording all my yarn weights as I go - much better than playing yarn chicken!)  I have, however, once again managed to make a hole in my finger tip despite changing from HiyaHiya Sharp 9" Circ's to ChaioGoo Red Lace 9" Circ's so I have decided to cast on my second Woolly Wormhead Rosalind whilst it heals.

I'm using the skein of EasyKnits Deeply Wicked in Pinky which I snaffled at Yarndale - it perfectly matches my hair (on a good day lol not on a "it's been 6 weeks and needs re-dyeing pink day")

I actually love this skein so much that I picked up another in a recent sale.  I also picked up a lime green skein of Keylime to match as well, but on arrival that's actually speckled and not a semi solid which I'm still a bit unsure of (especially the orange sections!) but I'm giving it time to grow on me.

I also had a bit of spare time this morning to do a bit of yarn dyeing.  Nothing remotely interesting as I still haven't replaced the acid dye stash that went missing when we moved, but instead I have overdyed a skein of Madelinetosh Merino Light in Twig I had picked up for a great price in a destash on Ravelry.

As this skein is destined to be paired with Fluoro Rose and Edison Bulb for a Westknits Doodler, I wanted black instead of brown.  I'd forgotten how much I completely LOVE dyeing yarn and this quick session has very much rekindled my desire to do it on a more permanent WAHM basis... 

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  1. Would love to see more of your yarns that you've dyed, you have a good eye for colour. Love those fingerless gloves, they are magnificent