Wednesday, 20 January 2016

WIP Wednesday

Ironically I started writing this on Monday but didn't get very far! It was very much the weekend for not getting very far though, as I ended up frogging the entire border on my Aisling Shawl (again) after realising I had completely missed a section of the chart!

I did manage to finish my first elbow length fingerless glove in the fabulous British Bea Knits Self Striping.  Still need to name my pattern though...Loooooong Elbow Length Fingerless Gloves is a bit of a mouthful.

These ones really are elbow length!  I still have just under 68g of yarn left though (actual weight of the first glove is 33g. I've finally invested in a set of mini digital scales for my knitting bag as Lee has re-homed my others down to the depths of his man cave/office so am back to recording all my yarn weights as I go - much better than playing yarn chicken!)  I have, however, once again managed to make a hole in my finger tip despite changing from HiyaHiya Sharp 9" Circ's to ChaioGoo Red Lace 9" Circ's so I have decided to cast on my second Woolly Wormhead Rosalind whilst it heals.

I'm using the skein of EasyKnits Deeply Wicked in Pinky which I snaffled at Yarndale - it perfectly matches my hair (on a good day lol not on a "it's been 6 weeks and needs re-dyeing pink day")

I actually love this skein so much that I picked up another in a recent sale.  I also picked up a lime green skein of Keylime to match as well, but on arrival that's actually speckled and not a semi solid which I'm still a bit unsure of (especially the orange sections!) but I'm giving it time to grow on me.

I also had a bit of spare time this morning to do a bit of yarn dyeing.  Nothing remotely interesting as I still haven't replaced the acid dye stash that went missing when we moved, but instead I have overdyed a skein of Madelinetosh Merino Light in Twig I had picked up for a great price in a destash on Ravelry.

As this skein is destined to be paired with Fluoro Rose and Edison Bulb for a Westknits Doodler, I wanted black instead of brown.  I'd forgotten how much I completely LOVE dyeing yarn and this quick session has very much rekindled my desire to do it on a more permanent WAHM basis... 

Monday, 11 January 2016

A new week and a new WIP

Thursday last week saw me finishing the body of my Aisling shawl which just leaves the rather extensive border to knit.  I swore after finishing Biellese and Pop Spots last year that I wasn't making another shawl with a knitted on border for a while but obviously forgot!

I've got 79g of the charcoal sparkle yarn (Five Moons Yarns Artemis in Anthra) left which I'm hoping will be enough but am also dropping down a needle size just in case.

After completely messing up the first repeat of the border on Friday though, I've tinked what I knitted and put the WIP in time out for a little bit!

This prompted me to cast on a couple of smaller, quicker WIP's that require a little bit less concentration when socialising!

The left is Easy Knits Deeply Wicked in Pinky which I picked up at Yarndale as it matches my hair!  This one is going to be another Woolly Wormhead Rosalind.  The right is a self striping sparkle yarn from British Bea Knits which was a custom colour way called Nyree Dawn.  I cast this on last night - another pair of my long elbow length fingerless gloves - and not only is the colour way perfection but the yarn base is fantastically soft too.

I'm also attempting to get back into my journalling - or at least some form of organisation/planning.  I still use one of my fauxdori's for knitting planning and notes so have invested in some more of my favourite Moleskine notebooks and Stabilo Point 88 pens.


Monday, 4 January 2016

Hello to 2016!

Another year is here - 2015 most certainly flew by!  I'm trying my hardest not to reflect on any of the negatives of the last year (indeed, the last few years!) and whilst I don't make New Year resolutions as such, I am determined that I will be happier this year. 

I didn't seem to finish a huge amount of projects last year in comparison to previous years and definitely didn't achieve half of my planned project list!  I've stashed a lot more yarn though and popped my Yarndale cherry.  My #bestnineof2015 from Instagram was a rainbow of yarn, that's for sure!

I was very lucky over Christmas to receive several skeins of Wollmeise as gifts (well, funds to purchase Wollmeise!) and managed to get the skeins I'd been lusting after in the last update of the year.

There's a skein of 82 Pb, Fuchsia, 2 x Xaverl und Rosi and a skein of Xaverl.  I've been tempted out of my semi solid yarn shell just lately and after seeing a fabulous picture from Woolly Wormhead of the Xaverl on a FO, had to stash some! 

I also broke out one of my favourite skeins of Wollmeise Pure in Wasabi to make the December Woolly Wormhead release, Rosalind.  I absolutely love fingering weight hats and this is the perfect combination of lace and slouch.  I'm already planning another in hot pink but also eagerly awaiting the new release this week!

I was also gifted the most uh-mazing pair of long fingerless gloves from Carla for Crimbos - sparkly, lime green and black!

I still have loads of WIP's to finish and have, as always, added a few more to my list.  I'm determined to finish my Aisling first though and am just working my way through the last raindrops section before starting the border - I've estimated a should have 10g or so of the Truly Hooked OMFG grad left (below shows it last week as I'd just started the 5th section, that bottom yarn cake is MUCH smaller now!)