Thursday, 10 November 2016

New Yarn, Patterns and WIP's

New yarn purchases have been very much scuppered of late as my usual Yarn Fund (aka sell the things to buy more things!) is currently also my iPhone 7 fund as well as tied up as a "just in case" household budget.  Not only that but I had the misfortune of purchasing a couple of skeins of Wollmeise a few weeks ago only for the seller to disappear with my yarn and money!  Thankfully the joy of PayPal meant I got my money back this week but it always makes me a bit sad when someone from a community taints it by being so dishonest.

I have had a few skeins arrive though and, whilst purchased weeks apart, they are rather similar!  The first was a skein of Easyknits Dusted Dreams in the Halloween colour way "Betty Boo"

The second was a skein of Hedgehog Fibres Sock in "Pinky Swear"  which goes beautifully with the skein of "Jelly" I have stashed away!

I think it's safe to say I like pink and speckles!

There has been a huge amount of fantastic new patterns released just lately that I am totally itching to buy and cast on.  The two that I am really lusting over are the latest MKAL from West Knits - Building Blocks which is so unique and cleverly constructed!  I'm also very much hoping if I'm a good girl, I will be getting a copy of Best Knits for Crimbos :-)

And the latest release from Curious Handmade - Hundred Acre Wood (with kits available from Little Skein in the Big Wool) which is not only my favourite shawl shape but I was a massive Winnie the Pooh fan right up until the kids were born (and still have a boxed up collection of Winnie the Pooh bits that used to adorn the house!)

I have a rather important project to finish before I start anything new though (including Knitvent 2016!) as the husbeast has commissioned a knit after conceding that fingerless gloves are indeed the bomb. Mainly because he is now working from our, soundproofed but unheated, freezing cold garage full time!
So, he wanted fingerless mitts, in blue or black. I let him stash dive. I was thinking some nice but cheap acrylic blend because he’s not a fan of woolly feels and he’s very likely to get these filthy.
He has instead decided it needed to be a cashmere blend. He quite fancied some of the Wollmeise.  He was even asking about me buying in a skein of Blend - and he says I’m a yarn snob!!

Instead, I persuaded him that this was a good option:

This Noro Cash Iroha has been stashed for years, is a good dark blue (he’s an Everton fan!) and meets the cashmere criteria - plus it’s aran so these fuckers will be warm and quick to knit!  I refused his request for fingering weight yarn as his hands are HUGE! I never realised this before LOL

I'm one down and now just need to remember what I did for the first and write up the pattern (Man Mitts!)

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

It's a bit nippy!

The weather here has turned decidedly chilly during the last week.  Thankfully, I managed to sort the garden before it did, as it was getting rather neglected out there.  For a small "city" garden it is quite well planted and the trees have taken over somewhat since spring - I really haven't used or tended the space as much as I probably should.  Very much down to still getting used to the closeness of the neighbours here and whilst our garden is private - due to the trees and dense planting - it's still not what I've been used to for the last ten years or so!

This week marked the four year anniversary of my mum's death so me and the kids took a trip with my dad up to the burial site to freeze a bit!  It's strange that, despite living in Lincolnshire for years, I only realised how cold it was after moving to Leicestershire back in 1999!  Mum is buried in a green burial site in North Lincolnshire, which is beautifully serene but oh, so VERY cold.  Her Bramley apple tree is getting quite big now and the site has been filled with so many trees over the last couple of years.

In other family news, the husbeast's new business is now into it's 2nd month and everything is going well.  Still chasing HMRC for Tax Credit claims and the like but it's all a lot less stressful than it was here and just, well, happier (although I do think you have to love someone a LOT to volunteer to do their accounts for them LOL!)  It's been a long, stupidly rough four years for our family and it's nice to finally see a glimmer of light and hope in our future.

Craft wise, I seem to have done quite a bit  in the last month or so - the sewing machine has even had a bit of love as well as the knitting for once!

I decided I needed some new project bags and since Halloween is my favourite holiday (year round!) I picked up some Halloween fabric whilst it was in stock every where.   I really need to take better pictures of the finished bags but for now, admire the glorious Riley Blake Designs fabric!

I also picked up a Riley Blake Fabric Panel for a Zoe the Zombie doll which I LOVE and has pride of place on my desk at the moment.

Knitting wise, I have have multiple FO's from the last month or so!  Feeling rather pleased with that hehe as I rarely seem to manage to fit much knitting into my weeks.

As well as completing my Semele in Wollmeise Pure Wasabi for Yarndale, I also added another Woolly Wormhead hat to my collection - this time the lovely Adiantum.  The pattern calls for a sport weight yarn but my stash is woefully lacking in that (and my yarn budget/savings are pretty tied up at the moment) so I used a skein of Wollmeise Pure in 26 Fe which worked really well and I love the finished hat (as always!)

I also decided it was time to finish the pile of Raspberry Mitts that I originally cast on two years ago to sell at a home ed group we no longer go to!  These are all in Rico Creative Designs Aran in colourways 04 and 05, with the five pairs of gloves taking 200g.  .Now I just need to sell them somewhere!

And if that wasn't enough I have also FINALLY completed my Aisling Shawl!  Seriously - on a roll! The last border repeats went pretty quickly and I had a whole 7.8g left of the Five Moons Artemis 4 Ply after cast off - good job I dropped needle size for the border!  I really love the gradient yarn with this pattern and the Truly Hooked blank knitted up beautifully.

I still have quite a few WIP's on the needles and am hoping to finish the year with a couple more FO's as I have a HUGE queue again and loads I still haven't managed to cast on!  I've also had a few really lovely skeins arrive over the last couple of months but yarn porn can wait for another day!

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Yarndale 2016

The beginning of Autumn...shorter days, falling leaves, cosy days curled up on the sofa...AND YARNDALE!!

I once again took advantage of the fabulous Knit Nottingham coach trip up, staying overnight in Nottingham with C - which of course meant being completely knackered (as much from lack of sleep as from getting up at an obscene time that started with a 6!)  I also accidentally dropped one of my Venti Starbucks just before we got to the coach stop which thankfully wasn't a bad omen for the day although I did also pull a hole in my Avalanche sweater shortly after arriving at Yarndale too but that's now fixed!

Like last year I took absolutely no photos as I am useless!!  I also went with no specific shopping list this year apart from a Spin City Drop Spindle and being determined to buy something in a different fibre and colours to my norm (no pink or lime green!) If nothing else, the atmosphere of Yarndale and just being surrounded by SO much gorgeous yarn, fibre and related items as well as a huge amount of knitters/crocheters/spinners is amazing with or without buying lots of new fluff (and that's coming from someone who hates crowds and is painfully shy!)

On to my new acquisitions then!

Spin City was a must stop stall for us as both myself and C wanted a Drop Spindle.  Louise makes absolutely gorgeous resin drop spindles and obscenely floofy batts in quite possibly the BEST colours ever!  This is my new pretty...

Next up on the "completely necessary to visit" stalls was Easyknits.  Jon is one of my go to Indie Dyers in the UK as his colours are so beautifully saturated and his solid colours tick all my boxes! I've had a bit of an itch to buy blue yarn just lately - which is odd because despite blue and purple once being my favourite colours I never knit with them!   I was drawn to a skein of Deeply Wicked in Aquillian and then found a perfect match in a skein of Dusted Dreams Galactica.

My other completely "need to visit" stall was WooSheeps.  I only discovered WooSheeps at Yarndale last year and highly recommend them!  Neil dyes such epically fabulous solid coloured skeins on very gorgeous bases...and with the most hilarious names (anyone for a Pink Big Dick?) and Sue is just fabulously lovely in every way!  I was extremely restrained and left the Dick alone (not often I can say that!) but did succumb to a decadent skein of Ken in Imperial Purple - a merino, silk, yak blend which I think needs to be knitted with a lime green to make the colour pop even more!

Next up was Five Moons who again does a huge range of solid colour skeins in a rainbow of fantastically saturated colours.  The 50g skeins are ideal for me as they are perfect for hat knitting!  I've been hankering after a skein of something autumnal for a Woolly Wormhead Cannetella and not only did I find the perfect skein of Pumpkin Luna 4Ply but there was even a sample of the Cannetella in a similar tone (as well as other WW samples YAY!  I think I'm experiencing a bit of a fangirl moment over the fabulous WW!)   I've already caked this and started the cast on - I'm thinking of beading it too for a change!

My last yarn purchase was 5 skeins of Undyed Superwash Merino Sock which is destined to be dyed in a deep fuchsia to make a cardigan - I'm thinking the Solstice Cardi as the simplicity really appeals and will suit my style although I'm also thinking a bit of lace on the back may be nice!  Who knows just yet - I have lots of other must make projects before I start this (and I wish I'd picked up another pack of these as I still REALLY want to dye ALL the yarn!)

So that sums up my very restrained purchases!  I was also won over by the travel coffee cup so that and a pen were my last minute buys - here's my Yandale 2016 Haul Picture.

My only regrets are that I didn't say hi to more people I recognised (or for that matter arrange to meet any IG friends!) That and not taking lunch again LOL  By the time I got home just after 8pm I was painfully exhausted and it's taken me a couple of days to recover.

Back to the usual day to day activities now though and bad timing meant that last week actually marked the start of t'husbeast opening his new business so it's all very busy and a tad stressful here which is very much meant a lack of blogging (or knitting!) so I shall endeavour to do an update post soon!    

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Waffle and a Project Wish List Update!

It's a busy time for us all here at the moment - the husbeast is in the process of setting up his own business which is insanely nerve racking and exciting at the same time! The Curly Girl is fast approaching her 10th birthday whilst already being well into her tweens/teens emotionally and physically already (EEEEP...puberty is a whole new kettle of fish on the parenting scale!) She's adjusting really well to wearing her glasses after finding out her vision is awful last month and is back to her reading.  Her birthday gift lift mainly consists of piles of books - heavily influenced by my library she is very much a PR/Dystopian/Sci Fi fan and is currently just finishing the second series of Beautiful Creatures.  She has also recently expressed a growing interest in goth branded clothing which suits me down to the ground as I get to buy her all the things I'm far too fat to wear hehe!!  Her main birthday present is actually an Iron Fist Rucksack which she coveted in our local Asylum Industries shop...I have to say I am quite jealous!

That said, I have had a new lovely bag of my own - another belated pressie from Lee.  I've been lusting after a Dr Martens Slouch Leather Backpack for the last year but seriously cannot in any way, shape or form, warrant (or afford!) a £200 bag!  I was therefore super excited to find the small slouch at more than half price and in reality it's a much better everyday size!  I gave it a fabulous first outing to the Harry Potter convention in Nottingham the other weekend, where I had a lovely day mooching around the shops with Carla, a nice pub lunch and a rather large amount of Pokemon Go-ing!

Right, on to much more important and less materialistic things - knitting!

I'm currently trying to finish my Semele Shawl which I'm now more than halfway through and should be able to finish by next week (I average a chart repeat a day - it's very much need to concentrate knitting!)

I'm already very much in love!  Fingers crossed my calculations are correct and I don't have to play yarn chicken - although I do have another skein of the Wollmeise Wasabi Pure stashed.

Once that's finished I'm going to work on my abandoned Aisling - again, I average a chart repeat a day and only have ten to do (I think!) 

After that I think a new hat and gloves are in order, whilst working on my Doodler (which is an ideal Friday project)  I'm really hoping to cast on a new sweater too as I love my Avalanche!

I'm still attempting to sell all the things to ensure I have lots of spending money for Yarndale which means I am starting the hideous task of clearing the hoarded clothes etc in the garage.  After playing with Carla's drop spindle, I have caught the bug (I never enjoyed spinning on mine!) so am thinking I need a new one from Spin City!  My Yarndale wish list is actually rather none existent still so I should probably have a think what I need/want before I go!

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Aptly named!

Today is really rather grey, drizzly and miserable.  I have one of those dull headaches that can only be blamed on the weather (and also slightly on the bickering children and very severe lack of sleep!) 

As such, today is very much fuelled by coffee and yarn cakes...

This has become my new easy knitting project and is the fabulous Westknits Doodler in Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light.  

I've also been knitting away on my Yarndale shawl - Semele in Wollmeise Pure "Wasabi" - and am on the last increase repeat (about halfway!)   No pictures though as the lace looks as ridiculously naff as all unblocked lace does!!  

On a completely none knitting related post, I received this gorgeousness in the post today.

It's a belated gift from the husbeast as, after what is now 6 months waiting, it seems like I am not going to be getting the yarn winder I ordered for my birthday/anniversary/mothers day gift.  I have been lusting after some Mary Greenwell perfume for ages and actually went and got some for myself last month.  I have had a bit of a thing for scents since I met DH, who started it all by buying me my first expensive perfumes!  My tastes have changed significantly since the 90's though and nowadays I tend to stick to just a few different scents and like my winged eye liner, I wear perfume every day.  I initially really wanted the Mary Greenwell Lemon but was really underwhelmed when I tested it - I wanted in your face citrus but didn't get it.  Cherry however was love at first sniff!  Plum was a close second so I'm so pleased to add this to my collection! 

Friday, 22 July 2016

FO Friday

It counts if they have been finished for a while but I just haven't got round to photographing them, right?!

My Pebble Beach Shawl (by Helen Stewart/Curious Handmade) was complete ages ago, however, I have yet to find anywhere in this garden to use for photographs so it's sadly been sat here, loved but undocumented!  That and the fact that the Merino/Silk 50/50 blend I dyed in HOT HOT pink is a complete arse to photograph!

This is the medium size and took 488m of fingering weight yarn.  It's such a simple yet stunning shawl which really works well to showcase beautiful skeins of yarn!

I also FINALLY completed my Avalanche Sweater!!  I rather aptly renamed this the Friday Sweater as it became my "knit whilst talking/drinking/socialising" project and was generally only worked on on a Friday.  After completing the body with an icord finish I was really worried that the rolling would reduce the length too much as I had adapted the pattern to an a-line body with a straight hem that hit at the belly button/hip.  Thankfully blocking has eliminated the severe roll it was exhibiting and I have to say I LOVE IT!!  Even in my current fatter size it still fits perfectly and the knitted fabric feels divine - I could do with an entire wardrobe of these!  No action shots as yet (although I already have the most perfect full circle black skirt to wear with it) so these very poor hanger shots in the garden will have to do - I think I need pretty wooden hangers if I'm going to make any more garments...or a dress form!

Hmm, what else have I been up to?  Very little yarn buying as I am still on my Pre-Yarndale Yarn Diet.  I did succumb to buying a gorgeous skein of Hedgehog Fibres Sock in Jelly from a Ravelry Destash last week but otherwise I have been very good on the yarn buying front!

At the beginning of the month I finally got my nose pierced - something I've wanted to have done since I was 17!  I was always very much restricted by work though and whilst I have had numerous other piercings and tattoos, I haven't had anything done since I was 21.  I have to say I was more nervous of being completely out of place, getting a piercing at my age than anything else and it was, as my other piercings all have been, a piece of cake (now what else can I get done?!)

We've also celebrated Vaughan's 8th Birthday this month - hard to believe they are all growing up so quickly!  I even managed a rare photo of them all at the farm...

Back to the knitting front, having cast off my Avalanche, I started on my Semele Shawl which is also for wearing at Yarndale.  I've made a Semele previously as a 60th birthday present for my mother-in-law, so knew how stunning the pattern was.  I've gone for Wollmeise Pure in Wasabi which should contrast nicely with the colour of the Avalanche - and I also oddly, have no other green shawls!  I've completed two repeats of the leaf increase chart so far and will be aiming for 4-5 increase repeats I think before the centre repeat and then an equal number of decrease repeats. I did three repeats last time and used around 80g of a 400m skein of sock yarn so have significantly more yardage to play with this time.

I was also hit with a spot of castonitis and in need of a simple project for Friday's again - so cast on my Westknits Doodler in a combination of stunning neons and black skeins of Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light (Fluro Rose, Edison Bulb and a skein of Twig I overdyed black) Excuse the rather washed out phone photo!

Right - I think that's me up to date!  I'm off to do a bit more knitting whilst avoiding the fact I need to drag a super king size mattress down two flights of stairs - our new mattress was delivered this morning and I'm looking forward to a much better nights sleep - from exhaustion if nothing else!

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Still Sweater - ing*

*in that I am still knitting a sweater - not to be confused with sweating!

I can't believe it's been so long since I blogged - time really does just disappear, generally in this house at the moment in a haze of snot and rain!  It really does feel like we're all passing around one cold after another this year and I spent a vast amount of last week with a rather miserable sinusitis/chest infection combination that I'm still suffering the after effects of.  If only mucus production counted as weight loss!

Whilst binge watching iZombie on Netflix, I have slowly but steadily been working on the very mindless knitting that is my Avalanche sweater.  With Yarndale creeping closer, I'm determined to both finish this and a new shawl especially for the occasion.

After deciding to opt for a hip length straight hem, I worked the body until I had completed 9 increases (increasing every 15 rows from the initial point indicated in the pattern)

I finished the body with an i-cord bind off.  However, I am slightly concerned that there is a significant rolling of the hem which is really reducing the length - so I may well add to the length if, after a wash and a block, I feel it's too short (this is despite constant trying on whilst working on the body)  That said, I am currently a tad (lot!) heavier than I was when I started knitting this so am hoping that losing some of my "no longer breastfeeding" weight gain will also help!

I've also completed the neck, which comprises picking up a gazillion stitches from around the neck and added 1 x 1 rib.  I'm now working on the sleeves - which I'm aiming for just below elbow length as I scrunch all my sleeve up to there anyway!  There was a grand total of 110g (so just over 575m) left of my 324g skein of Wollmeise Lace Garn so I'm really impressed that I can get an entire sweater in my size from one skein.

Fingers crossed I shall be finished soon and then I can continue to work on my Aisling border and decided what to knit as my Yarndale shawl!!  I was originally thinking a Semele in Wollmeise Pure in Wasabi but am very likely to change me mind!!

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Craft Corner Revamp

Who knew getting a desk delivered could be such a palaver!  After several courier issues and returned parcels, I finally received my desk this week.  It was a welcome distraction from having a stinking cold for my birthday (and having to wait in for a courier who didn't turn up all day!)

It didn't take me long to assemble and rearrange my corner :)

Let's ignore how dusty my wheel is!  The drawers are perfect for housing all my interchangeable needle cases on one side and the other side is pencil cases and stationary.  My laptop fits perfectly in the middle, leaving me a clear desk top for knitting, journalling or other crafting.  I'm hoping it'll be useful for photographs too.

The basket's underneath house my Wollmeise stash and new-to-the-stash yarns (all my stash is rather unattractively housed in individual grip seal bags but at least that way they are safe from cats and moths!) as well as my meagre fibre stash, spindles and niddy noddies.

My currently in use handmade fauxdori's and Roterfaden Taschenbegleiter  have a bit of pride of place - plus I'm hoping that having such easy access to them will encourage me to get back to using them much more.  My pen pot does not match at all lol but houses my most regularly used pens - mainly Stabilo Point 88's.  My fountain pens are stashed away in the drawers and my Staedlter stash and Faber Castell pencil stash have their own drawer in my Expedit - the rest of which houses rather excessive amounts of yarn that is really needs more room or to be destashed!

Apparently I should point out that this is just my knitting, spinning and drawing/journalling stash.  My sewing stash including my machine and overlocker, all my cross stitch and rather large stamping and paper crafting (all sadly now very neglected) stash are on shelving in the garage - taking up supposed precious space in DH's workshop/office hehe!

So, hopefully I can grab a few more productive hours now I have a much more usable space!  The rest of this week has been far from productive though - apart from waiting in for what feels like endless couriers and having yet another cold to match the miserable weather - I have managed to reseal the bath (again, another palaver with the first lot of silicone sealant being off and unusable - which I found out in Sunday afternoon once all the shops were shut!) and do a lot of therapeutic baking!

I got a lovely gift from Carla for my birthday - special chocolate that was kept hidden from the children and some amazing Lime Rainbow yarn from Mothy and the Squid.

Knitting wise I'm still working on my Aisling Shawl border as well as my Avalance sweater (for mindless knitting - unlike the Aisling which is a mixture of cables and lace that I cannot memorise!)   I'm hoping to finish the Aisling in the next couple of weeks if I can plan in more knitting - no excuses now I have my own space but sadly it hasn't given me oodles more time!

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Pink Pebbles

Urgh it's been an insanely long time since I blogged - more on that later though!

I actually managed to finish a WIP at the weekend.  It really does feel like forever since I managed to finish anything other than gloves and hats.  That was even more apparent when I came to take photos today and realised I have yet to find anywhere in this garden I can take nice shots!  We don't get much light in this little city garden and the space has been landscaped which doesn't leave me much scope for finding areas to artistically (well, in my head!) drape knitwear.

So for now, here's a picture of my Pebble Beach Shawl (by Helen Stewart) which shows absolutely none of it's feminine lacy glory.  The yarn is a Merino/Silk sock weight with gorgeous drape and shine which I hand dyed in a hot, hot fuchsia.  I knitted the medium size (with no modifications) which took 132g of yarn (approx 528m)  The pattern comes with easy to follow written instructions and shows percentages as you work your way through so incredibly easy to keep track of yarn amounts.

In more exciting news - it's draped over my new chair!  I have been lamenting for months to the poor husbeast that I really miss my desk.  Pre-Oliver I spent a huge percentage of my day at my desk - both to work on the shop, pack orders, forum modding etc but also to knit.  Since closing the shop I switched to a laptop which I use perched on the arm of the sofa for everything.  If I want to do prolonged editing, writing or journalling in this house, I end up ferrying everything into the kitchen to the dining table and removing children and their belongings (they have their own large desk but that's full of their consoles and PC's!) Not ideal and not really conducive to encouraging me to blog as it's such a hassle! 

After some consideration and a huge amount of day dreaming we came up with a plan as a joint present for my birthday next week and a VERY early Christmas present.  (This I think is quite guilt loaded on DH's part as he has the garage converted to his office/workshop - I dream of a craft room where I can have everything out and usable instead of stashed on various floors of the house!)

This is my current corner of the living room - the expedit houses most of my yarn stash (plus there are three baskets full too)  The top of which is where my needles/knitting books/pen/journal stash are stored.  My loom is currently dismantled from Christmas as it was replaced by the tree!

The plan is to relocate the Ikea Poang which has become the cat chair and is constantly dirty/covered in hair and/or cats.  It's also no good to sit at to spin without tipping forward and landing on your face!  My wheel will move next to the Expedit and then this completely gorgeous desk will be landing next week.

I adore the vintage look and my laptop will be easily stashed in the cubby hole leaving room for knitting and journalling.  My over flow yarn baskets can be stashed underneath and the drawers can be filled with random notions and my needle cases.  My new chair arrived yesterday and as you can see above is an Olive/Lime Green Charles Eames DAW replica - not upholstered so no risk of the cats/children ruining it (I had originally been lusting after the Ikea Wing Chair), more than roomy enough for my ample bottom and ideal for both using at the desk and spinning.  I'm already debating making a hot pink wool felt seat pad/cushion! 

I'm immensely excited by the whole thing and am already planning on new blog post ideas (I used to love book related posts as it's my other huge hobby) so watch this space for an increase in waffle!

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Wollmeise Stash

This is a totally self indulgent post!  In an attempt to raise some funds I've been having a sort out of my stash and for once had all of my Wollmeise stash (bar those in project bags and a sneaky skein that was hiding) in one place, so figured a photo shoot was in order.  Whilst yesterday was a really beautiful spring day, sunny, warm and I managed to get catch up on everything round the house - today has been the polar opposite!  Cold, grey and very miserable (me and the weather) so this was my attempt at cheering myself up in a none-chocolate-consuming manner. 

The Laces...I also have my Green Versuch which I'm making my Avalanche sweater from but this is Frosch WD and Kneif Mich - I'm still not as in love with Kneif Mich as I am with Fuchsia though!

Pure Grey's...I seem to have a thing for Grey!  These are a Versuch Schwartz, 82 Pb, Maus Alt, 26 Fe NiP and Maus Jung.

Pure Multi Pink's...
For someone that doesn't tend to use Multi's, these seem to be breeding!  These are Poison Nr 5 WD, True Love WD, 2 x Xaverl und Rosi and Xaverl (which is not particularly different to the Xaverl und Rosi's which I got all from the same update :-/)

Pure Pink's...My favourite pink EVER is Wollmeise Fuchsia!  Both these skeins are already allocated to projects and the other skein is a Himbeere WD.

Pure Green's...
Caked Frosch, Zarte Knopse and a skein and cake of Wasabi - my favourite green!


The other's...the bits that don't fit in with the above! Zarte Knopse in Blend and Pure in Versuch, Sternschnuppe, Rotkappchen WD and Clementine.

So there you have it!  I also have my stash of mini skeins as well as a Taste of Wollmeise set I snagged in a moment of'll be fabulous for some colour work hats/mitts I think!