Friday, 18 December 2015

Instagram Get Your Yarn Wishes Granted

Whilst my social media presence has declined to practically none existent over the last few years (I really should attempt a blog post of mental illness) I find that Instagram is by far the easiest to keep up with.   My feed is generally knitting and yarn related and it's much easier to snap a photo of a new skein of yarn or a WIP with my iPhone than worry about posting yet another miserable Facebook status.   

The Instagram #getyouryarnwishes hash tag was endearing to watch last year as knitters granted wishes of skeins, patterns or notions to, quite often, complete strangers.  This year I decided I'd participate and sent out several skeins, needles and Ravelry patterns from Wish Lists.  It was completely heart warming and uplifting - one of those truly warm, fuzzy moments!  As well as granting wishes I was also extremely lucky as I had several wishes granted myself.  

First up I received this fabulous speckled skein of sock yarn "Monsters Ball"  from the lovely Tracy at Norah George.  It's beautifully soft and I'm already browsing for the perfect project as well as lusting over lots of her yarn!

Secondly was my request for grey fingering/sock weight yarn - I realised whilst stash diving for yarn for a hat that I really don't have much grey in my stash despite it being a colour I am really drawn to at the moment, especially for accessories.  I most certainly didn't expect to receive such a luscious skein of DyeForYarn Merino/Silk in a perfect shade "Dolphin in my Bath Tub"

Next up (yes, I am a lucky, lucky girl!) is a skein that flew insanely quickly over from Canada!  I sadly miss out on many none UK indie dyers as I get charged customs on all parcels (the joy of once running a WAHM business that imported goods from the US!) so I was extra excited to get a skein of stunning Satchel from Mrs Crosby in Scarlet Ibis.

Last but by no means least, I was gifted the skein of custom self striping I had on order with British Bea Knits.  Even more perfect that it's called Nyree Dawn hehe!  Sparkle Sock in a self striping black - hot pink - black - lime green!  What's not to completely LOVE!

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