Sunday, 4 October 2015

An Update Post

Since I'm being forced to sit through the Merseyside Derby with the Husbeast I figured I'd do some virtual housekeeping and update my WIP's and the like since things are getting more settled here.

We finally handed back the keys to our old house a few weeks ago.  The move was hard work - not least because we did it all ourselves, slowly ferrying things over to the new house, filling the garage then taking everything upstairs.  As we have a Ford Galaxy it was quite easy to fit *most* things in with all the seats removed.  We did hire a man with a van company for our few really large things which was a complete farce but at least we got everything here in one piece.  Unfortunately we then found out that we couldn't fit our super king size divan upstairs so we have been sleeping on just the  mattress on the floor for a month - which Oliver (who still co-sleeps) found wonderful - me and Lee, not so much! 

It's most definitely a very different property to what we're used to!  We've been living detached with large gardens for the last 8+ years so moving to a three story town house in the city centre is VERY strange!  It's remarkably quiet though (no idea if our neighbours feel that way any more hehe) and we've fitted most of our essential things in (although I much preferred it when it was minimalist).  Thankfully we have been able to use a fabulous friends garage to store the rest as we no longer have the luxury of quite so much space and several out buildings we used to - I do very much miss the summer house although the garden here is very lovely and usable.

In amongst the stress of moving, Oliver decided to stop breastfeeding last month, totally out of the blue.  It's meant a bit of an emotional, hormonal rollercoaster for me.  In fact, I have been pregnant and/or breastfeeding since finding out I was pregnant with Harrison in April 2004, a week before our wedding, so it feels very strange to be at the end of the stage of my life (as well as no longer babywearing or cloth nappying or all of the other things that used to define me!)

I still have my knitting though and I've even managed to finish a couple of things lately!  Excuse the iPhone only photos though as I have yet to dig out the DSLR.

First off are my elbow length fingerless gloves made with the gorgeous Fab Funky Fibres self striping yarn.  These were slower than usual as I was concocting the pattern as I went and then had to replicate it for the second glove from my half-arsed notes!

Not only are they very gorgeous, they only used 60g of the 108g skein I had so there should be enough for a shorter pair of gloves (or another long pair with solid coloured ribbing/thumbs). 

As the weather is on the turn with a definite autumnal nip in the air I decided to cast on a hat as a quick WIP. I have had a gorgeous skein of Babylonglegs Stellar DK in Wasabi (lime green, merino, silk, sparkle - what's not to love!) stashed for a Woolly Wormhead Castiel for ages and it seemed the perfect time to cast on.  

Otherwise, I am still working on my Avalanche sweater, which is slowly growing and gazing adoringly at my bag of new yarn from Yarndale which is all whispering at me to cast on more yumminess!