Monday, 28 September 2015

Yarndale 2015

After a rather knackering month of moving, this weekend was a very much needed break!  I'd booked on a coach trip to Yarndale with the fabulous Knit Nottingham and as it meant a very early start - single digits in the time and everything -  myself and Carla decided to make a weekend of it and stayed over in Nottingham the night before.  It's the first time I've been away since having Oliver (in fact it's only the second time I've been away since having kids other than when I was in hospital!) so it felt rather liberating!  After a cheeky Nando's where we were a good decade older than everyone else and an early night, we were out at 7 am to get breakfast (Starbucks for me and the beginning of my excess coffee consumption for the day) and catch the coach up to Yorkshire. 

A few hours later and we arrived.  It was all extremely exciting and I took a grand total of one photo!

The atmosphere was amazing and the five hours we were there were a whirlwind of fabulous people, yarn and fibre.  It was fantastic to meet the faces behind some of the brands and shops I have been using for years and to discover new dyers and yarns.  We bumped into a few old friends as well and it was just a fabulous experience all round!

Whilst I have no photos from the day I do have lots of my haul (albeit very badly lit as it's considerably overcast here at the moment!)  I went with only one specific skein in mind  - a dark grey sparkle sock - but came home with quite a few more.

Of course, I picked up the obligatory bag and pin but think I was quite restrained considered  I came home with half of my money still!

I wanted to pick up some fibre as I have none whatsoever in my stash at the moment.  There's 200g of the gorgeous Blue Spruce Merino/Zwartbles from the lovely John Arbon Textiles as well as 200g of Grass Green Merino (which perfectly matched my dress!), 100g of natural grey merino from Adelaide Walker and a gorgeous "Aspen Glade" Gradient Pack from Hilltop Cloud.

My yarn haul was considerably less restrained!

The gorgeous sock blank was actually a prize won at the Knit Nottingham 5th Birthday Bash dyed by the talented Truly Hooked.

Next on the bottom are two bloody AMAZING skeins from WooSheeps - I can see a huge amount of my yarn funds winging their way in the future!  The left is "Tom" in "Tequila" which is a huge 150g/600m skein of sparkle sock and the right is "Barry" in "Bubblegum" which again is a huge 150g/600m skein of SW Merino.  they just look sooooo good together!

I picked up a skein of Deeply Wicked from the ever lovely Jon at EasyKnits - "Pinky" matches my hair perfectly so it had to be done!  (Although I could not get an accurate colour representation photo at all!)  I adore solid coloured skeins so could easily have blown the budget!

Last but by no means least are a skein of Artemis 4Ply in "Anthra" from Five Moons - this was my must have skein of grey sparkle sock!  Again, I could have spent all day choosing solid coloured skeins especially the smaller 50g skeins (next year maybe hehe)

And my last purchase of the day was a "Stormy Rainbow" Sparkle Sock from Cuddlebums.

I seem to have a "thing" for sparkle sock, grey, pink and green!  If yarn storage wasn't such an issue at the moment (as in too much yarn rather than not enough storage) I would have indulged much more!  There are a few stalls I wish I'd gone back to - I really wanted some Eden Cottage Yarns and I also wanted some self striping sock but didn't find the perfect colour anywhere!  I have to say that after 5 hours I was really ready to go though - I'd had 7 shots of espresso to keep me going but I was very much exhausted!

 Yarndale 2016 is already scribbled in my diary!