Sunday, 16 August 2015

Exciting news

The last few weeks have been fraught to say the least!  After the rather unfortunate house sale news we received a further blow when, after exhausting the possibility of private renting again, we discovered that there was a significant delay on processing applications for local social housing.  Totally unconcerned with our situation we were referred to the local homeless team who advised us to stay in our current house!  Their advise was to quite literally ignore the notice we had been given and hope that by the time our landlord has applied to the court to evict us formally (costs of which we would be liable for as well as losing our deposit here and the likelihood of private renting ever again) they may have started on our application.  Failing that, wait to be evicted from the property and then they could house us in emergency accommodation.

Shocked was an understatement!

A couple of very tearful days later I happened to find a property that had just been listed to let.  It looked like a possibility for us and the following evening we went to view it.

It was stunning!  Very unlike any house I'd ever foresee us living in, in that it's a new build three storey town house in the city (although only 15 minutes drive from here).  All very professional - the house and the area - styled, modern and VERY not me...I'd rather live in a dilapidated cottage in the middle of nowhere with not a cream carpet in sight!  But it's spacious (and expensive!) and at 9am the following morning we paid our application fees and spent several days with EVERYTHING crossed.

We get the keys in four days!

I'm still somewhat in a state of shock if I'm honest.  After things literally falling apart to be moving to a stunning house in the space of a few days.  We now have just under a month to move everything and sort everything here before giving back the keys (ironically on Rach's 9th birthday)  I'm hoping that this is the start of things looking up for us after the most horrendous three years.  The new place will take some getting used to - if nothing else we have four VERY loud unschooled children who have only ever lived in detached houses!  The boys will now be sharing a room as we're downsizing from four to three bedrooms as well as losing our current sprawling mature garden to a very small one (but still far better than the alternative)  I'm not overly familiar with Derby so will need to explore a bit (with the ever constant worry that my crippling agoraphobia will return - something I am determined to continue to fight)

So after this weekend it will be all systems go to sort and de-clutter and start packing!  I have an entire garage full of children's clothes and craft stuff that I need to be ruthless with.  I'm also determined to get back to looking after myself as I have been really naff at that for the last few months and my weight and health have taken a nose dive with my mental health (well, the weight has gone the other way...luckily my new diet will be called "paying the rent" hehe)  Fingers crossed things all go well!

Not to neglect my knitting waffle, I'll pop another post on with some knitting updates (and a FO!) tomorrow.  


  1. Glad you've managed to find somewhere. What a rollercoaster! Hope the move goes well

    1. Thank you :-* Seems we never do things the easy way LOL