Monday, 17 August 2015

A FO, a WIP and some WM!

All the initials!  In amongst the naffness of the housing and adult-type-stuff I have actually managed to do some knitting!  My mojo often gets up and leaves when I'm feeling low but I'm too stubborn to ditch my knitting at the moment as I have far too many projects planned.

First to update is a FO.  Yay!  I finally finished my Biellese Shawl a few weeks ago which, bar the forever hibernating blanket, is the WIP I've had on the go the longest.  Thankfully, being a bottom up shawl, the rows got increasingly shorter as I went on and the end result is really gorgeous - using such high contrast colours really makes the slip stitch details pop.  The lovely yarn is by West Yorkshire Spinners and is the fabulously soft and bright Bubblegum and Sour Apple from the Signature 4 Ply range.

I'm still working away on my Avalanche sweater (although with the house move and procrastination, I doubt very much it will be ready for Yarndale!) but decided a quick WIP was required, so I dug some amazing FabFunkyFibres self striping yarn out of the stash which I'd purchased with the intention of a pair of long fingerless gloves.

With this project in mind I invested in a new pair of 9" Hiya Hiya Sharp Circular needles - they are definitely up there with one of my favourite needles and I loved the prospect of not having to magic loop or use DPN's!  They do take some getting used to with regard to where you hold them and ensuring your tension is even but they really do facilitate speedy knitting of socks and gloves.

The pattern is loosely based on Gothy Gauntlets and I shall endeavour to decipher my scribbles so that I can write it up (and knit the second glove). The first glove used just 30g so I have enough left over to knit a shorter pair as well - possibly with a solid coloured cuff/thumb.

Finally, I have broken my Pre-Yarndale Yarn Diet by investing in another couple of skeins of Wollmeise Lace this month.  I've been on the look out for Fruhling in Lace for a while as it's one of my favourite WM colourways.  This WD Lace skein doesn't dissapoint and is almost a neon hi lighter shade!

I also picked up a bargain skein of Lace in Moses - whilst blue is not a colour I tend to use very often but is still very gorgeous in an understated way!

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