Saturday, 23 May 2015

Where does the time go...

...May seems to have totally disappeared?!  I have absolutely no idea where the last few weeks have gone and seem to have very little to show craft wise for this month!

A week or so a go I decided to move my spinning wheel back down in to the summer house at the bottom of the garden.  It's been relegated to a corner in the hall for a very long time - after the summer house roof started leaking last year - but with the roof now fixed and the weather improving I decided to try to utilise the space a bit more.  Being able to leave my wheel set up has made a hugely positive difference and I have actually been spinning most days.

First off the wheel was some lovely merino, silk and camel spun from Fondant Fibre rolags.

Next up was a gorgeous braid of 50/50 Merino/Tussah Silk that was a present from Carla which she dyed the perfect red!

My spinning has definitely got finer and more consistent!  I'm currently working on some World of Wool Merino/Tussah Silk Custom Blend (another gift from Carla) which I hope to finish this weekend/next week.

Knitting wise I am STILL working on the border of my Pop Spots shawl.  It's truly never ending!!  I'm at just over 40 repeats of the 111 last count so shall keep plodding away at it and might finish sometime this year.  It very much reminds me of my Biellese border (another shawl I need to finish!)

On that note I should also confess to having cast on yet another WIP!  I needed something to stop my knitting mojo leaving with the Pop Spots border and couldn't resist starting my Avalanche sweater in the Wollmeise Lace.  I have to admit to not looking forward to winding the 325g skein into a cake but my (new to me) Jumbo Yarn Winder managed admirably.  Is this not the biggest cake of yarn ever?!

I completed the first and second contiguous sets and am just about to start the third set and neck shaping.  At first glance the pattern seemed rather daunting in so much that there is a huge amount of instructions (I much prefer to knit from charts!) but it's incredibly well detailed and broken down into easily manageable sections so in reality is very simple.  How long it's going to take me to knit is anyone's guess though LOL  I'm hoping to have it completed for Yarndale...might have finished the Pop Spots by then too!!

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