Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Ditching the Red!

Hair that is!

I have been dyeing my hair red in one form or another since I was 18.  I had a brief stint with the front bleached blonde prior to that but otherwise I've been most shades of red from auburn to mahogany, red highlights to henna and for the last few years, bright red.  I've gone from waist length hair to a pixie cut (most regretted hair cut ever...made significantly worse by an impromptu bleaching thankful there are no photo's of that!) and back again.

I've been flirting with the idea of a REALLY short bob (with my usual short blunt fringe/bangs) for a while but in honesty am a bit too lazy!  I've been cutting my own hair for the last four and a half years and as I've always hated having my hair cut, it suits me down to the ground although I didn't really intend to grow it back to such a long length.  I really fancied a change though so decided to ditch the red instead of cutting it all off!

I'm naturally brunette - with white streaks nowadays!  My hair has been getting darker as I've aged so to get a bright red I was using dye with developer (but not physically bleaching before dyeing)   With Summer approaching and my roots in desperate need of a redo it was the ideal time to change colour.

I had a specific colour in mind (greeeeeeeen) but knew that I would struggle to strip the red out enough to get the bright shade I wanted.  After stripping and two lots of bleaching my roots were a fabulous colour - the rest not so much!!  So I went with the second colour option...

Pretty much the same colour I had been left with on the red after bleaching! But my plan wasn't for an all over colour - that would have been much too easy hehe!  So after a lot of swearing faffing because doing this to waist length hair on your own isn't easy plus my second colour was jet black (which I didn't want to get on my freshly bleached sections) I have ended up with...

A few days on and I am completely and utterly IN LOVE with it!!  The pink section at the side (which there is more of than it looks with my hair down) looks fabulous when I wear my hair in my usual messy high bun.  I've chopped my fringe again since I took the above (rather naff iphone front camera) photo plus a few inches off the length to tidy it up again.  

After wavering over dyeing it black for years I'm so glad I took the plunge and the hot pink makes it much more "me"!   I went with the approach of bleach, then black dye then pink which worked quite well and the benefit of where the pink sections are means I can get away with not worrying about my roots quite so often and of course can freshen up the pink without it affecting the black whenever I want!   

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  1. That looks wonderful, really suits you. One day I'd like to be confident enough to rock such a beautiful colour