Thursday, 9 April 2015

More Project Planning (and Yarn Stashing!)

I seem to have completely forgotten to blog about some of the gorgeous new yarns I've received recently!  I was incredibly lucky that after finally getting the husbeast to realise I *really* would love to receive yarn and knitting related items as gifts,  I received two gorgeous skeins of Wollmeise for Mother's Day last month. 

Both Pure Skeins in Wasabi and Fuchsia.  They go so beautifully together!  However, they aren't destined to stay together - the Fuchsia is for my Starlight Shawl instead of the skein of True Love I'd originally planned.  I'm MUCH happier with the colour choice now and am resisting casting on until I finish my current WIP's.

The Wasabi currently has no allocated project but does look fabulous with my other WM greens - the colour saturation and depth is one of the reasons I adore Wollmeise!

I'm still not sure about the green Versuchskaninchen skein at the back as it's more blue toned than I would generally choose (and variegated!) but we'll have to see!

Unfortunately seeing all my greens together started my mind whirling at the possibility of breaking out of my comfort zone and knitting myself a garment!  Something I have always discounted as I'm still not anywhere near the weight I'd like to be and my boob size means a heck of a lot of yardage!  I'm always a bit fussy when it comes to style - I only wear 50's swing dresses or floor length skirts, always with cardigans, only like fine knits so would have to go for a sock or lace knit yarn and it would have to have a low cut neckline!

Then Avalanche jumped out at me as I was browsing Ravely!

Whilst I generally wear black I really adore green sweaters so decided to go for a green toned Wollemeise Lace Garn.  This humongous 330g skein arrived this week and it lovely - a really wearable colour (I didn't think I could pull off a Fruhling or Wasabi sweater!) and there should be more than enough for my size.   I think I'd go for a longer length at the front and possibly 3/4 length sleeves and just need a REALLY long time to make it now!!

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  1. You've got some gorgeous yarns there, I love all the greens