Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Love Your Blog - Community and Interaction

After reading about the April Love Your Blog challenge from A Playful Day on several of blogs lately, I decided I'd give it a go.  The first weeks subject of Community and Interaction is one that resonates with me greatly!

A Playful Day

Over the last few years I have very much retracted from all of my other communities - babywearing, cloth nappies, attachment parenting.  Initially it was due to reclusiveness being my coping mechanism for depression but eventually I just felt I no longer belonged as I once had.  My personal identity was very entwined with those communities, having two businesses related to them as well as the majority of both my online and real life friends being from various forums and groups.  Once I'd sold my shop and stopped the babywearing consulting, the one community I had left was my knitting one!

Knitting is very much my therapy and that isn't restricted to just the actual act of passing yarn over needles.  It ALL makes me...content!!  From browsing yarn and patterns online,  reading and seeing other's WIP's and FO's, posting about my own - I honestly love it all!!  I'm not a prolific poster on any social media platform anymore - I generally just post on Instagram - yet avidly read knitting and craft related blogs and Ravelry posts. 

I sadly don't have the luxury of knowing many knitters in real life (although do have the bonus of my best friend being a knitter) so the online community has been a life line without which I would not be where I am now! I may be socially awkward - even online - but the wealth of knowledge, information and encouragement (enabling) is amazing.   Even when I'm not openly interacting with other's I still feel like a small, albeit very shy part, of an absolutely fantastic community.

So, whilst my blogging is sporadic at best nowadays, I do absolutely love having a space where I can ramble on about my favourite things and post with more depth and content than I do on IG.  Even if it's just me reading, I enjoy having somewhere I can record my knitting journey and look back in later years at it's progression!! 


  1. I just followed the link from Kate's wonderful 'Love your Blog' post and had to comment... as an unschooling, ex-baby wearing, ex- cloth nappy selling mum to 3 boys it felt like we might have 'known' each other at some point along the way ;-) Now firmly in the knitting community and also blogging sporadically ;-)

    1. Hehe I always find it amazing how much of a crossover there is between the communities - I know SO many knitters from my babywearing and cloth nappy days (and am pretty sure I was a past cloth nappy customer of yours as well as a current one!)

  2. :) love your thought. Knitting is very therapeutic indeed!

  3. I wholeheartedly agree about the therapeutic properties of knitting- there's nothing better after a bad day than a quick look at Ravelry and the movement of yarn through the fingers

  4. So much of this is familiar - the pleasure of Ravelry (even for a relative lurker) and how knitting soothes me through a lot of the daily stresses!

  5. I am coming to the conlusion that far from being in a minority, actually the majority of knitters benefit from the quiet and unthreatening sense of community that our craft gives us.