Thursday, 16 April 2015

Love Your Blog - Beginnings

The second week of the Love Your Blog challenge from A Playful Day is upon us (or rather almost gone - how is it Thursday already!) and the focus this week is Beginnings. 

I originally started blogging exactly 5 years ago this week!  Back then I had completely different hopes for what direction my blog would take.  It was entitled "Then there was me" and it was very much a sounding board for my feelings - I was about to turn 30 and was having a brief life wobble and used blogging as a life journal (and dieting journal it seems, reading back!).  I was trying to claw my way out of depression and it was around the time my life began to veer away from communities that had thus far defined me (despite the fact I still babywear, cloth nappy etc even now) My knitting still featured and although I was very much in my early stages as a knitter it was the start of me finding my feet in something that really has become my lifeline.

A year after I started blogging and 4 years ago yesterday, we moved house to where we live now and my life changed immeasurably.   With the help of fabulous friends I kicked my crippling agoraphobia and was SO much happier :)  I blogged much less, as I had so much less time between running the shop, starting a babywearing consultancy business, play dates, canal walks, cake club.  I got pregnant again (oops!) and decided to start blogging again, changing the blog name to "Then there were six".  I had aspirations to refocus on our home education and have one of those amazingly inspirational blogs...

And then our lives pretty much fell apart.  From DH being made redundant to the death of my mum, it was a complete catalogue of disasters.  I turned to blogging once again in an attempt to improve my mental health and in the realisation that I'm really not going to blog about unschooling for a huge variety of reasons (not least that the kids don't want to be blogged about!) changed the blog title and domain over to "Coffee and Yarn Cakes" and here we are! 

Whilst I may still neglect blogging from time to time, I do love my ickle corner of t'interweb.  Coffee and Yarn Cakes is my little haven.  It's quite ironic that 5 years on, a week a way from my 35th birthday, I feel like I am once again beginning a journey to a new happier me.  Older, wiser, with much more yarn!  Beginnings may be scary but they can be incredibly good for the soul.

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  1. Older, wiser and more yarn is always a good thing! Happy 5 year blogaversary, and good luck with your new beginning.