Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Spring is in the air...

Things seem to have been manically busy here yet not much seems to have been done!  My WIP pile is certainly not diminishing, so I'm determined to take some time this week to focus less on the mundane, joy sucking chores (why is the laundry SO constant!) and take some time to relax, knit and be happy!  Spring is most definitely in the air which is always a great mood lifter and the garden is starting to reawaken and bloom...

As far as my WIP List from the beginning of the year goes, here's how I'm doing:

JUL HAT in Yarn Stories Fine Merino and Baby Alpaca DK (Fuchsia) - Completed/FO

ORLA MITTS in Bergere de France Ideal (Meije, Calanque, Vitamine, Citronnier) - Completed/FO

SONNENSEGEL in Noro Kureyon Sock (240) and Drops Brushed Alpaca Silk (02 Hellgrau) - Still in the early stages but in no rush with this one!

THE HUDSON HAT in Lion Brand Amazing (Muana Loa) - Completed/FO

RASPBERRY MITTS in Rico Design Creative Poems Aran (04 and 05) - Still hibernating!

THE HULK (AKA PLUM ISLAND BIG BABY BLANKET) in Cygnet Seriously Chunky (Meadow Green) - Still hibernating (due to very sore wrists!)

BIELLESE in West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4 Ply (Bubblegum and Sour Apple) - I finally finished the ruffles last week!!  After picking up the 303 stitches along the edge of the ruffle, the slip stitch body is worked in 20 row repeats, and I'm currently half way through the first repeat of seven.  There's a 20 stitch decrease row every 8 rows so even though the pattern is worked bottom up and the rows seem to take FOREVER, it's not actually that daunting.  It helps that I think it already looks stunning so am really pleased I didn't frog it all which did cross my mind on several occasions!!

POP SPOTS by Juju Vail in hand dyed yarn - my good intentions to not cast on anything went out the window a couple of weeks ago when, in dire need of some knitting therapy to improve my mood, I cast on my Pop Spots.  I'm currently halfway through the second colour and it's such a simple but gorgeous pattern! 

My wish list remains the same, with my next few planned projects being:

STARLIGHT SHAWL by Anna Dalvi - I am still planning this is Wollmeise Pure but am leaning towards changing my planned skein of True Love for a solid hot pink, which I think will look better (I still very much prefer my solid colours over variegated skeins)   I have a skein of Himbeere in my stash which might do, although it's obviously a red toned pink so I shall have to dig it out!  I really need to sort the stash drawers anyway...

3 COLOUR CASHMERE COWL by Joji Locatelli - my skeins of Wollmeise arrived and I am completely IN LOVE!  The colour combination of the original was my ideal choice anyway and the three WM colours I chose work tremendously together...I can't WAIT to cast on!

And last but not least on my current wish list is:

HEARTFELT SHAWL by Claire Slade which, having already started once but frogged, I'm looking forward to casting back on as I loved the beading and the hearts in the red WM!

I'm sure there's rather a lot of other things I should add to my wish list but I'm SO determined to complete all of these that I'm hesitant to start adding to my list!  

Whilst I have been incredibly good and haven't added ANY yarn to the stash for the last few weeks (and have even sold off a set of my needles *gasp*) I was lucky enough to win some gorgeous Milburn 4 Ply from a giveaway on the lovely Eden Cottage Yarns blog.  I have some Milburn 4 Ply in my stash already and the Harvest Gold colour I received is sumptuous (my photo's were taken on quite a grey day and don't really do it justice) 

I'm also extremely excited to have booked on the Knit Nottingham couch trip up to Yarndale later on this year!  Between the smalls and not driving it makes getting to yarn festivals a complete no go normally, but this one will only require me to get into Nottingham at some insanely early time and leave the smalls with the husbeast at home (which I think he much prefers over being forced to look at yarn and fibre!)  All I need to do now is save up some money so I can indulge when I get there hehe!

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