Tuesday, 17 March 2015

So Not A Sewer!

I've owned a sewing machine for as long as I remember.  It's always been one of those essential household items in our family - rather like a toaster or an electric mixer!  In the 70's my dad was just as likely to be sewing clothes for my mum as she was and mum spent years working as a seamstress for the theatre (and a stint making undies for M&S when we came back to the UK!)   It was a family effort between me and my parents to make my wedding dress as well so I've always been around sewing machines...yet I'd never class myself as a sewer!  I *can* sew but it's something I do more out of necessity than as a hobby.

Until I get inspired to make something that is!  I've needed some large knitting project bags for a while and as I have a small fabric stash (after selling off the huge amount of rare pieces I had collected for having baby carriers made from!) figured I may as well attempt to make my own.  After finding the Open Wide Zippered Pouch from Noodlehead totally perfect for my needs, I decided to pick up some cheap plain polycotton for the lining and a couple of 14" zips off eBay to have a try (before using my nicer fabric!)

I have to admit I am terrible at the whole pressing and measuring part of sewing normally - probably why I am so bad at it!  Considering I can follow complex lace charts and advanced knitting patterns with total ease, I have no idea why simple sewing patterns scare the life out of me!

However, this pattern was SUPER easy!  I've never inserted a zip before but even that was straightforward - especially considering I was whipping this up perched on the edge of the table whilst cooking dinner.  I have to say I was rather shocked that all my seams lined up perfectly and bar a very slight wonky line at the zip I think it's a rather good first effort.  I went for the large size and it's a fabulous size for my needs.   There's things I'd change - I used fusible interfacing which was quite a heavy weight in comparison to the totally flimsy lining/base fabric but I like do my bags to be quite rigid - in future I'd just use a heavier weight lining material.    Plus my zip and lining colour aren't a perfect match which does kind of get my OCD tendencies tingling but that's more just the fact I choose the cheapest green options from two different eBay shops!  Other than that I love it!

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