Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Bring On The Green!

I decided to sort my yarn out this weekend and ended up with a large pile to destash - my tastes have changed dramatically since I started knitting and there are skeins I just know will never be touched.  Whilst uploading endless details to Rav I was lucky enough to snag a set of Signature Needle Arts Circular Needles as they were listed.  These are the last of the needles I'd been itching to try but I was reluctant to purchase as I *always* get hit with custom fees!  These were new and in the UK so I couldn't say no!

They arrived this morning and are absolutely beautiful!  The joins are smooth, the needle shafts slick, the stiletto points...well, lovely and pointy and I can easily see why they are so sought after!  They're a 4mm (and GREEN!!!) which happens to be the size I am knitting my Pop Spots shawl with (on which I have reached the green spots hence the blog title) so I switched over to the Signature's to test them out.  The pair I've got have a 6" shaft which is longer than I'd normally use - I'd probably have gone with a 5" - yet feels great knitting both English and Continental.  The cable is thicker than say the Addi or Hiya Hiya's, but is a tad more flexible than the Chiaogoo Spin.

Overall, I have to say I love them!  I shall finish my Pop Spots on them and see how they feel after an entire project.  Let's hope for my PayPal balance I don't fall hopelessly in love with them hehe!!

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