Saturday, 21 February 2015

Quiet Days and Busy Days!

I have no idea where the last couple of weeks have gone!  I seem to have done not much at all, especially on the knitting front.  I'm still sticking to my plans to not cast on anything new and, inbetween working on something for a friend,  have been continuing with the short row ruffle border for my Biellese Shawl.

This was at the halfway point of 50 ruffles - I've done another 10 or so since then so on the homeward stretch!

We had a lovely trip up to Lincolnshire to see my dad this week, with the added bonus of seeing my sister and four of the smalls cousins too.  It's such a shame we can't get up there more often as the kids LOVE it - although I think dad needs adequate time to recover from the noise and mess of 8 of his grand kids descending on him all at once!  I do miss the quietness and serene beauty of the Lincolnshire Fens.

Whilst I may not have cast anything else on from my list, I did succumb to some lovelies in the Wollmeise stocking on Friday!  After selling another wrap I had some PayPal and found the perfect combination or Pure 100% for my 3 Colour Cashmere Cowl - Maus Jung, Maus Alt and Zarte Knopse!!  Can't wait to cast these on and I'll easily have over 100g of each colour left for another project too.

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