Thursday, 5 February 2015

Dyeing for a Change!

Sometimes, despite having yarn planned for a project for ages, I get a tad indecisive!    After digging through my yarn drawers last week I happened upon the yarn I had set aside for my Pop Spots shawl.  This once again set off my OCD radar as I wasn't one hundred percent happy with the yarn.  I'd seen some mini skeins which were gorgeous but would require the purchase of several sets to have adequate yardage and despite having some yarn funds from selling a few bits, I was a bit reluctant to spend so much on MORE yarn for a project I kept changing my mind on.

So in my infinite wisdom I decided to spend my money on some more acid dyes and undyed yarn and dye my own!

I decided to try the All In One Easifix Acid Dyes as I could get 10 of the 10g pots really cheaply on eBay, which gave me a range of colours to play with.  I normally use Jacquard Acid Dyes but have also got a few Ashford dyes in my stash as well.  I'd pretty much decided to go with a classic rainbow for the Pop Spots and decided to dye 100g skeins which will give me more than enough for the shawl and hopefully enough for a couple of mini skein sets too. The dyeing also meant my rather niggly wrists got a break too!

I'm really quite pleased with the results!  These are dyed with Scarlet, Orange, Autumn Gold, Leaf Green, Ultramarine and Plum.  And I couldn't resist a couple of 50g skeins in Lime and Magenta!

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