Wednesday, 25 February 2015

All Kinds of Needles (of the knitting variety!)

Way back when I started knitting as an adult in 2009/2010, one of the contributing factors to me falling in love with knitting was the gorgeous Knit Pro Symfonie Needles.  I steadily collected a set of the interchangeable tips and absolutely loved them...

...until I tried the Knit Pro Nova!  Since I was mainly knitting lace and in finer yarns, I much preferred the slippier metal tips for faster knitting.   Despite their prettiness, I sold off my Symfonie to collect the entire set of Nova Interchangables and DPN's.

That was a several years ago and whilst I still much prefer metal tips, I've collected many more needles (or rather sets of needles!)

Photographed are: KnitPro Nova Interchangables (the pink handmade case at the back!), KnitPro Karbonz Box of Joy Interchangables, ChiaoGoo Red Lace Twist Interchangables, HiyaHiya Sharp Small Interchangables, Ultimate Medium Set and Fixed Circulars and Addi Turbo Lace Nickel Plated Fixed Circulars (aka Sock Rockets)  The glass pot contain my mix of KnitPro Nova and ChiaoGoo DPN's and my Clover Amour Crochet Hooks as well as random cable needles and Susan Bates Crochet Hooks.

The HiyaHiya Sets arrived today (hence the blog post) and as I am arranging and sorting so I can destash I figured I'd compare what I have!

Of all my needles I have to say I love the sharpness of the HiyaHiya Sharp tips.  They are ideal for lace and finer yarns and really lend themselves to fast knitting.  The cables are very flexible which is fabulous for magic looping and they have a nice weight to them in general which I really like...I prefer a slightly heavier needle.

The ChiaoGoo Red Lace Twist set is an absolute must have for me...the tips are a great weight, really sharp and I could easily have the Red Lace Set as my only set and be very happy.  The cables are thicker and less flexible than the others in my stash which makes them slightly less of a pleasure to magic loop with but it is still possible.  I know some people prefer the Spin cables instead of the Twist for this reason but I have enough options to not have tried that!

The KnitPro Karbonz are great for when you don't want to be using metal!  The carbon fibre is much less slippy (so great for silk or if you are using a much larger needle than the yarn calls for and want to avoid your stitches just flying off!) but the tips ensure you can still work with finer yarns.  They aren't an ideal point for me - they are the bluntest of my collection - but still lovely to work with. 

The KnitPro Nova are still fabulous needles and superb if you want a flexible and more budget option.  I have the complete set from the smallest short tips right up to the largest tips and love that I always have whatever needle I may need in my Nova's if I don't have them in other sets!

My fixed circular collection consists of the HiyaHiya Sharps and Addi Turbo Lace Nickel Plated (aka Sock Rockets) all in 100cm (shawl or magic looping) or 40cm (hat) length.

Having lusted after Addi's for awhile I decided to get fixed Lace Circ's instead of the click set when I found them on sale last year (even though the click key less cables did appeal!) I really loved the tip sharpness and cables but didn't like the brass finish at all.  I then found the Turbo Lace Nickel Plated Sock Rockets and loved them SO much more so replaced all my brass Addi Lace!  I have to say again, I would be more than happy with an entire collection of the Addi Sock Rockets or HiyaHiya reality I'm just very lucky that I have them all to choose from!  I've never particularly had issues with IC tips unscrewing as I have always knitted on IC needles so got in the habit of checking joins from the start. 

As for comparison of tip sharpness, I attempted a bit of geekery...

As you can see the bottom three (which happen to be my favourites) all have a similar point length and sharpness of tips.  I completely forgot to compare cables but again, the HiyaHiya and Addi are very similar.   

Now I just need to tidy them all and get round to destashing some!  My OCD dictates I need complete collections!!

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