Sunday, 8 February 2015

A Bigger Hat for a Bigger Girl

A long time ago (Decemember 2008 to be exact!) I brought Rachael a Hudson Hat from hyenacart.  It was to be the first of several Hudson Hat's the kids have had and whilst in reality is now too small, Rach still wears her original hat in bed (don't ask!) most nights.

In December I got a couple of bargainous balls of Lion Brand Amazing in the Muana Loa colourway.   I'd already promised to knit a new Hudson but don't keep a lot of worsted/aran weight yarn in my stash.  My original plans involved a scrappy handspun hat but Rach loved the Amazing yarn when it arrived so who was I to argue!

I have to say whilst I LOVE the pattern which is super easy and quick to knit - I really disliked the yarn!  It had a huge tendency to felt with itself (worse than Noro IMHO!) and whilst the colour way was lovely there was a brown section which I, in retrospect, should have cut out as it really broke up the flow of the purples and pinks and not in a good way.

That said the curly girl is already in love with the finished hat (wore it to bed last night as well - what an honour!) so it's not all bad.  Plus this is the third of my WIP's form my WIP Accountability post that I have completed YAY!!  I should probably finish my blanket next but will see how my wrists feel as that's definitely a pain inducing project!  I am determined to stick to my plans to finish as much as possible before I cast on anything new and so far so good!

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