Tuesday, 20 January 2015

January WIP Accountability

As previously blogged about, my WIP pile is getting a tad out of hand. I seem to keep casting on small items in an attempt to avoid the completing the larger or boring ones...or because new yarn forces me to!
So my current WIP list in an attempt to shame (!?) me into turning these all into FO's before starting new things I REALLY want to make! I'm even including old hibernating WIP's that I like to forget about hehe

JUL HAT in Yarn Stories Fine Merino and Baby Alpaca DK (Fuchsia)

I cast this on this weekend after a cold trip to town and a severe shortage of hats (that fit me anyway!) in my knitted things box! I was lucky enough to win this yarn on the Yarn Stories facebook page over Christmas. The squishy softness and fabulous colour made it a perfect contender for a quick knit and after spotting the Jul pattern on IG I knew they'd work well together! In reality I should be able to get this finished in a day or so if I stop working on everything else!

ORLA MITTS in Bergere de France Ideal (Meije, Calanque, Vitamine, Citronnier)

This is an adapted pattern of the Orla Mittens as I only really wear fingerless gloves. Orla Kiely stem print is my favourite print so I had to cast these on when I saw them! I completed the first one in the New Year and them promptly stashed the WIP bag away! Mainly because colour work with a toddler (and the other, older members of the family!) constantly needing/interrupting you is far from a peaceful activity even if you find charted colour work sooooo simple like I do. I cast on the second glove on Friday and finished the bottom hem section before casting on my Jul hat so I'll complete this WIP after the hat.

SONNENSEGEL in Noro Kureyon Sock (240) and Drops Brushed Alpaca Silk (02 Hellgrau)

This was one of those "I need something simple to knit" projects which I started late one night last week. I stashed some Kidsillk Haze Eclipse last month and spotted the pattern whilst I was searched on Rav for inspiration. I originally cast on with the Rowan but the sparkle of the Eclipse wasn't a great match for the rustic-ness of the Noro. The Drops yarn however is a fabulous contrast and beautifully soft as well as extremely cheap! I'm actually in no rush to complete this as it's a great project for knitting out and about or in bed.

THE HUDSON HAT in Lion Brand Amazing (Muana Loa)

I actually forgot I had started this! I promised Rach a bigger hudson hat as she wears one she has had since she was a baby in bed still! She choose the yarn from my stash despite me wanting to make her a scrappy handspun one. I think I spent a grand total of an hour or so on this and have literally on done one icord and earflap - oops! Will check she still wants it in this yarn before knitting any more I think but otherwise should be another quick one to complete!

RASPBERRY MITTS in Rico Design Creative Poems Aran (04 & 05)

Urgh I started to make these for a Home Ed group selling type thing which I ended up not going to as one of the smalls was ill. I didn't actually complete them anyway! I was making one glove of each pair from each ball of yarn so that the pairs matched and have complete 4 (or 5) individual gloves of the 5 pairs I was making from the four balls of yarn. Confused yet?! I shall probably complete them and sell them off somewhere at some point - hopefully sooner rather than later to free up project bags/space.

BIELLESE in West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4 Ply (Bubblegum & Sour Apple)

Umm, reaching the old hibernating WIP's now! I fell in love with this pattern and this yarn combination but aren't so in love with knitting it! The short row ruffle edging is knit separately from the bottom up shawl and then you need to pick up hundreds of stitches to start the shawl body. I think I have managed about ten of the hundred short row segments :-/ Still one I intend to complete though despite not touching it since May!

THE HULK (AKA PLUM ISLAND BIG BABY BLANKET) in Cygnet Seriously Chunky (Meadow Green)

Okay - this is my nemesis project. I haven't touched it for a year simply because knitting it flares up my carpel tunnel and tendonitis SO badly I end up splinting my wrists for weeks. It was inspired by a blanket I saw whilst shopping and in reality should have just brought!! I am determined to finish this this year!!

That's it!! I decided to frog the socks I started two years ago as I a) still don't wear socks and b) no longer really like the pattern! I'll probably cast on socks at some point - I do only wear Mary Jane's so they'd look cute except I pair Mary Jane's with Swing and 50's dresses so not in reality a good look!!
I have finished one thing (gasp) so far this year - a Chunky Buttoned Cowl in James C Brett Merino Blend Chunky, finished with some hand made log hazel wood buttons. The pattern was exactly what I wanted and the finished cowl is gorgeously squishy and ideal for the freezing temperatures at the moment.

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