Tuesday, 20 January 2015

A New Year...

Blogging sadly took a back seat as I manically crafted over December in an attempt to finish the gifts I needed to make.  I always swear I will a) not procrastinate and complete Christmas gifts earlier in the year and b) will never make gifts again but I don't seem to be able to stick to either!

My main Christmas makes were my first hand woven shawl for DH's mum...

Handwoven Shawl in West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4Ply

A commissioned Creeper Hat and matching fleece lined scarf set...

It's a...Creeper Hat and Scarf Set
 Some gradiant dyed sock yarn for my fab bestie...

Gradient Sock Yarn
Plus a couple of leather fauxdori's I forgot to take pictures of (which included another A5 fauxdori for myself in pink leather!)

My WIP list seems to have grown immensely since finishing the Christmas gifts as I appear to be suffering from a severe case of castonitis (and I'll do a separate blog post to attempt to keep myself accountable for all new new WIP's and old hibernating ones!)  I'd pretty much decided that I was going to stash bust this year and complete my wish list or knit from yarn already in my stash.  It's going reasonably well - mainly due to lack of yarn funds - but that doesn't stop me continually browsing for yarn for new projects I've seen and need to make hehe. 

December/January Yarn Acquisitions...well some of them!

In other non crafty news, so far this month we have had two important birthdays.  Harrison turned 10 on the 7th and DH was 40 on Saturday (he also shares his birthday with his brother who is 9 years younger)  Both were quiet affairs with family and best friends and absolutely no photos! 

As for me...as far as New Year resolutions go, I'm more just striving towards completing some long term wishes and working on self improvement and happiness! 

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