Monday, 24 November 2014

The "I finished something" post

There seems to be far too many plans and WIP's and not a whole lot of FO's of late!  In fact the "plans" part is gradually running away with me, more and more projects catch my eye in a "hmmm, I could tweak that..." or "I need an xyz shawl/hat/gloves" manner and after some Ravelry browsing, yarn window shopping and note taking, I have no time to actually make anything!

Despite my pondering and pontifications I have actually finished a couple of things in the last week.  First off the needles was my Woolly Wormhead Mystery Hat.  I absolutely love the pattern and the yarn but after washing and blocking I felt my hat could've benefited from a longer body as it distinctly beanie like on me.  Possibly due to the fact that whilst I have a child size head, I ideally need some extra length if I'm going for a slouchie hat (which is my go to hat style) which I thought I had sufficiently covered but obviously not enough.  That said, DH thinks it suits me still and I honestly can't be bothered (at the moment!) to rip out the crown and re knit as it's such a lovely hat as is.

I also finished the Hermione Hearts Ron Gloves for my sister's birthday.  The yarn - Bergère de France Idéal - really is a fabulous colour and the stitch definition is gorgeous so I'd highly recommend it and will be using it again!

I really need to cast on something else as I only have hibernating WIP's at the moment - maybe I should finish them LOL but I'm quite enjoying small, quick to finish items!  I have also finally started my first weaving project which is a shawl for MIL and  as I have the stand for my Ashford Knitters Loom, I can quite easily weave whilst watching TV in the evening which is great for relaxing, unlike my usual lace work!  (Excuse imperfections and unevenness...first project!)  The colours are based on her favourite shades and I have to admit I'm unsure as yet as to whether I like it but hopefully she'll like (appreciate!) the end result!

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