Tuesday, 25 November 2014

My Fauxdori!

A couple of years (I think!) or so ago, I was lucky enough to get a custom made Roter Faden Taschenbegleiter which I adore even if I no longer keep my iPad mini in it as planned (simply because the smallest small uses my iPad daily!)

I've recently been toying with the idea of keeping a journal/notebook solely for my knitting notes and plans and have been interested in the Midori TN and the resulting Fauxdori's I have seen online.  In my usual fashion, after browsing I decided I'd make my own!

As I generally use an A5 notebook size and that's also the size of my Roter Faden I decided to stick with that size.  A short time playing with some leather, elastic and my craft stash and I'm REALLY happy with the result!

I'm definitely planning on making more.  The leather, whilst gorgeous and already getting a tad battered and lovely, is IMHO a tad thin at just under 2mm.  Other than that I wouldn't change anything!   The elastic is strung for 3 notebooks - those pictured are all handmade using paper and card I have to hand at the moment (being frugal!) and having treated myself to a Lamy Nexx Broad nibbed fountain pen, I'm enjoying writing with fountain pens again - I always used to use them as a preference but have fallen out of the habit in the last decade. 

I think the next one will be pink hehe!

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