Tuesday, 25 November 2014

My Fauxdori!

A couple of years (I think!) or so ago, I was lucky enough to get a custom made Roter Faden Taschenbegleiter which I adore even if I no longer keep my iPad mini in it as planned (simply because the smallest small uses my iPad daily!)

I've recently been toying with the idea of keeping a journal/notebook solely for my knitting notes and plans and have been interested in the Midori TN and the resulting Fauxdori's I have seen online.  In my usual fashion, after browsing I decided I'd make my own!

As I generally use an A5 notebook size and that's also the size of my Roter Faden I decided to stick with that size.  A short time playing with some leather, elastic and my craft stash and I'm REALLY happy with the result!

I'm definitely planning on making more.  The leather, whilst gorgeous and already getting a tad battered and lovely, is IMHO a tad thin at just under 2mm.  Other than that I wouldn't change anything!   The elastic is strung for 3 notebooks - those pictured are all handmade using paper and card I have to hand at the moment (being frugal!) and having treated myself to a Lamy Nexx Broad nibbed fountain pen, I'm enjoying writing with fountain pens again - I always used to use them as a preference but have fallen out of the habit in the last decade. 

I think the next one will be pink hehe!

Monday, 24 November 2014

The "I finished something" post

There seems to be far too many plans and WIP's and not a whole lot of FO's of late!  In fact the "plans" part is gradually running away with me, more and more projects catch my eye in a "hmmm, I could tweak that..." or "I need an xyz shawl/hat/gloves" manner and after some Ravelry browsing, yarn window shopping and note taking, I have no time to actually make anything!

Despite my pondering and pontifications I have actually finished a couple of things in the last week.  First off the needles was my Woolly Wormhead Mystery Hat.  I absolutely love the pattern and the yarn but after washing and blocking I felt my hat could've benefited from a longer body as it distinctly beanie like on me.  Possibly due to the fact that whilst I have a child size head, I ideally need some extra length if I'm going for a slouchie hat (which is my go to hat style) which I thought I had sufficiently covered but obviously not enough.  That said, DH thinks it suits me still and I honestly can't be bothered (at the moment!) to rip out the crown and re knit as it's such a lovely hat as is.

I also finished the Hermione Hearts Ron Gloves for my sister's birthday.  The yarn - Bergère de France Idéal - really is a fabulous colour and the stitch definition is gorgeous so I'd highly recommend it and will be using it again!

I really need to cast on something else as I only have hibernating WIP's at the moment - maybe I should finish them LOL but I'm quite enjoying small, quick to finish items!  I have also finally started my first weaving project which is a shawl for MIL and  as I have the stand for my Ashford Knitters Loom, I can quite easily weave whilst watching TV in the evening which is great for relaxing, unlike my usual lace work!  (Excuse imperfections and unevenness...first project!)  The colours are based on her favourite shades and I have to admit I'm unsure as yet as to whether I like it but hopefully she'll like (appreciate!) the end result!

Monday, 17 November 2014

More knitting and some weaving plans!

Despite my many, many plans I still seem to be getting little knitting done -  I should possibly try projects with heavier weight yarn hehe!

The second clue of the Woolly Wormhead Mystery Hat was released last weekend and  a lot of my week has been spent working on the body of the hat.  I have to say, I generally dislike avoid reverse stocking stitch simply because my purling is significantly slower than my knitting (and my tension is always looser if I Norwegian purl) but I've really enjoyed the effect it gives.

I'm making the smallest size in the slouchy version and as the final clue for the crown was released this morning, I should be finished soon!

I'm also still working on the  Hermione Hearts Ron Fingerless Gloves for my sister and am a third of the way through the second glove now.  Sadly no photos as yet as they are a glove that will really benefit from blocking.

My next project will be my first woven shawl on my new Ashford Knitters Loom!  It's a planned Christmas gift for my mother-in-law and will be a wide shawl using the lovely West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4 Ply - the warp will be the Butterscotch and the weft, Nutmeg and Cardamom with some Bergere de France Angel added for texture.  Fingers crossed it'll work okay - the yarn colours compliment each other wonderfully so it'll only be my beginner weaving that might let me down...I shall be swatting up on techniques later!

I've also spent some time last week making my own fauxdori and notebooks and have restarted my knitting journal and a bullet journal which I shall have to blog about later this week!..

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Woolly Wormhead Mystery Hat!

Once I began knitting in earnest, I quickly discovered favourite designers and patterns, as I'm sure we all do.  For hats, I also lean towards the fabulous Woolly Wormhead, who never fails to have something amazing in whatever yarn weight or style I'm looking for.  That said, my hat stash is rather poor because a) I have a teeny head and always make my hats too bit in my refusal to admit I have a child size noggin and b) I look bloody ridiculous in the majority of hats!

Last month I finished a hat that had been in my queue for ages - the gorgeous Mrs Jekyll & Little Hyde which I'd stashed the Holst Garn Supersoft for sometime ago.  Although just realised I have no blocked photos!

I absolutely LOVE the finished hat and definitely think thinner yarn weight hats are my new favourites!

With that in mind I couldn't help but sign up for the Woolly Wormhead Mystery Hat KAL.  I finally decided on the skein of Countess Ablaze Count Cashmerino Sock in Radioactive Raspberry Jam and the first instalment of the pattern was released on Saturday.  However, I had to cast on a day late as I was out at the theatre indulging in our current am-dram obsession, this time it was West Side Story by the Long Eaton Operatic Society.  I'm loving the result so far after completing the first clue - the provisional cast on resulting in a fabulous folded double brim...I'm really looking forward to the next clue!

Whilst I wait I've cast on with a new yarn for me - Bergère de France Idéal. 

It's a lovely feeling yarn and is knitting up really nicely on the 3mm needles.  I've decided on a pair of fingerless mitts for my sister, Narelle's, birthday and so am using the turquoise Calanque to make a pair of Hermione Hearts Ron Fingerless Gloves as I love the combination of lace and cables!