Thursday, 30 October 2014

All the yarn!!

As my babywearing days draw to a close it's rather nice to benefit from my stash by using the funds for new hobbies!  As well as the rather lovely (still unused!) loom I recently acquired, I've done a bit of yarn stash enhancement of late - taking advantage of some great sales and offers and forward planning handmade gifts.

Today I've finally got round to sorting out my yarn drawers as all the new skeins had been hastily stuffed away in my expedit!  

There's a fair few different balls of Jeanette Sloan Alpaca DK and Alpaca/Silk 4 Ply which are both gorgeously squishy.  The Lion Brand Amazing is earmarked for a new hat for Rach.  There's a fabulous skein of Countess Ablaze Count Cashmerino Sock which I think may be my skein of choice for the Wooly Wormhead Mystery Hat KAL next month.

I've also stashed some more of West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4 Ply which is such a good value yet really lovely yarn to work with, with a great colour palette!

Now I just need the time to knit everything!! 

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Autumnal Update!

Hmm, obviously so not very good at the regular blogging lark any more!  I do miss waffling to the vastness of the tintyweb and have plans to set aside some time in my generally disorganised, chaotic life to do so more often. 

The year is rapidly disappearing and the days are most definitely shorter and colder.  Our gorgeous Curly Girl turned 8 last month which was a very pink and Minecraft themed occasion!

One of her presents was a combination of the two with another of my creeper beanies in her choice of colours.  I have to say I abslutely love how these knit up in the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino and whilst I keep considering test knitting some in an acrylic yarn for selling, the yarn snob in me doth protest too much!

One of her other birthday presents was pink hair - something she's wanted for ages!  Since being brunette doesn't really lend itself well to going pink without bleaching we decided to bleach and dye her tips since then it was easier to upkeep/change if she hated it.  Suffice to say she (and I) love it!  Harrison also had his undercut bleached and dyed brilliant blue so they both have far funkier hair then me now (I am rocking the faded red with white streak and roots again!)

Knitting wise I've finished a few more shawls including the Drawing Nigh I was working on last time I blogged, the Sonar Shawl in fabulous sparkle yarn and a huge Starburst Pi, which took 200g of Sparkle 4 Ply and I have yet to manage to photograph well!

And since the smallest one is stubbornly independent and refuses the majority of attempts of babywearing nowadays, funds from slings mean I can buy more fibre related things!  After a brief try at weaving at Fun Club I was hooked and bagged myself an Ashford Knitters Loom and Stand to add to my collection of "things to do lots of when they invent the 48 hour day!"