Sunday, 2 February 2014

Finally a FO for 2014

This last couple of weeks seem to completely disappeared, a blur of attempting to snatch a few rows of knitting, a few pages of a book (or sleep) in between the mundane household bits! 

Book wise I have finished the first three books of Bella Forrest's "A Shade of Vampire" Series.

A Shade Of Vampire Series

I'm hoping to start book 4 - A Shade of Light - tonight and am looking forward to seeing where Sofia's and Derek's journey leads them, especially with the Hunters involvement!

As for knitting I have (finally) finished my Anemone Fields shawl.  After a LOT of weighing and calculations I took the risk of adding an extra repeat of the Anemone Fields section so I could use all the Laal Bear Shawl Ball - leaving me with a scant 6g left!  Still blocking at the moment but it's insanely pretty and I'm glad I went for beads instead of nupps - will probably be beading everything now!

I'm determined to finish the epic green cabled blanket next although the Heartfelt shawl is very much calling my name as a Valentine's knit!  I'm waiting to cast on though as I have a skein of red Wollmeise on the way before I decide between that and a few fabulous red skeins I've been squirrelling away in the stash!

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