Thursday, 6 February 2014

Rain, rain...

...go away!  Because I can't take any decent FO pictures until you do.  For now a rather naff iPhone pic of the finished "Eva" Anemone Fields shawl.

The colour is sooo reminiscent of Eva Didymos!  I'm loving the beads - which you can barely see in the photo and  am already planning my next beaded shawl hehe.  The Wollmeise (WD Rotkäppchen) I bought from a Ravelry destash has arrived and of the red yarn choices I have is the reddest red so is my current favourite to be cast on methinks.  Just to find some nice red beads now!

I am however determined to finish the green blanket of doom - aka The Hulk before I start anything else!  I've switched back to IC circ's as the huge extreme needles were killing my arms and proving too much of a temptation for the smallest one!  I have 4 repeats of the cable pattern left to do but may add more as I will have more than enough yarn and would like it as big as possible.  Here's hoping the Carpel Tunnel holds off...

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