Wednesday, 15 January 2014

New Year, New Blog

2014 marks four years of (very intermittent) blogging for me.  My first blog, "Then there was me", was started just prior to my 30th birthday as an attempt to record my knitting and weight loss journeys.  The former has come on in leaps and bounds, the latter not so well!

Life got busy and just after finishing work for maternity leave in 2012 I decided to start a new blog, "Then there were six".  I envisioned one of those amazingly inspirational blogs with a balance of crafty and parenting/home ed posts.  Sadly I think I may have overestimated how interesting my life is!!  Coupled with the fact that the last 18 months or so here have been complete and utter hell a tad trying, my blogging took very much a back seat (in an old broken down car, in the back of a very dusty garage!)

Here we are with another new year and another new blog.  Given that coffee (or tea - I'm not fussy as long as it's caffeinated!) and yarn are two of my favourite things, the title seemed much more appropriate.  And hey, I managed to include cakes without it being the death by chocolate variety - chocolate being yet another of my favourite things which very likely contributes to the lack of weight loss progress!

I shall dispense with any hope of blogging about home ed since here it would require boring myself and any readers with endless minecraft waffle and stick with what I'm good at and ramble on about yarn, knitting, spinning and reading.  I've also decided to combine all my previous blogs into one - if nothing else I can see how well my crafting has improved (and my children grown!)  Any luck in two years time I won't feel the need to start a new one hehe

So it's a Hi from me and my new blog and I'm off to grab a brew and my WIP!


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