Monday, 20 January 2014

Blue Monday

I think is more a Yawn Monday than blue here, everyone seems to be in hibernation mode!

Thanks to the very small amount of sleep Oliver deems I can cope on and a generally busy week last week I seem to have had very little time for knitting and reading. 

I'm still working on my Anemone Fields shawl and have just a few rows left of the first repeat of the flower fields section.  I'm hoping to use as much as the yarn as possible to take full advantage of the colour gradient of the shawl ball.  I'm really loving the feel of the knitted fabric with the cashmere content providing a gorgeous softness.

Reading wise, in the last week or so I've only managed to read a few books as tiredness has got the better of me - all my reading is done late at night and it's very much a read or sleep scenario, sleep doesn't win very often!

A fan of her previous Watchers, Witches Avenue and more recent Beyond Love series, I was not disappointed with the new Afterworld Series release of Recruitz by Karice Bolton and am really looking forward to more post apolcalypse zombie action with Rebekah and Preston! 

 Recruitz by Karice Bolton

Elizabeth Hunter stole my heart (and a lot of sleep) with the Elemental Mysteries and Elemental World series.  I was recommended The Scribe and it was a page turner from start to finish!  I was totally immersed in the developing relationship between Ava and Malachi and the Irin/Gregori world, with the cliff hanger ending leaving me desperate for more! One of the most riveting books I have read of late.

The Scribe by Elizabeth Hunter

Whilst I was on the Elizabeth Hunter website I noticed I had missed the new Cambio Springs series so downloaded Shifting Dreams (Totally missing the fact that the Long Ride Home novella was the first book - duh!)  I have to say I really appreciated the fact that the main characters were in their 30's, I guess I'm getting old!  I enjoy Shifter books in general anyway and this was no exception with the story weaving it's magic as the history and characters of the Springs develop.  Definitely another series to add to my favourite list.

Shifting Dreams by Elizabeth Hunter

For now, I'm off to drink more coffee and squeeze in a few rows of knitting if my fingers defrost enough!

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