Tuesday, 9 July 2013

July! How did that happen?!?

I am still desperately in search of an extra 48 hours in a day.  Or maybe just an hour to do "me" stuff that doesn't requite me to sneak out of bed at 3am!  

Life has been hectically busy, as usual.  I've been frantically trying to get a host of DIY bits done around the house and after finally having new kitchen and bathroom floors laid I have spent a few sweaty, horrible days scrubbing years of previous tenants grime from every surface of the kitchen.  Vast amounts of chemicals and elbow grease, some new cupboard handles, blinds and lights and I'm finally loving the kitchen (and can almost override my desire to rip out the hideous tiled worktops!) 

Whilst we were ripping up disgusting carpet from the kitchen, the hallway got the same treatment to reveal the lovely original tiles which just need a good clean up.

I'm also midway through overhauling the front room which currently serves as a dining room, study and playroom.  My old rickety desk has been ditched in favour of a more compact desk for the kids PC and I have new wooden venetian blinds for the bay window still to go up to replace to the awful plastic curtain rail and kitten-clawed curtains!  A new coat of white paint should finish it all off nicely although I'm still tempted to go with a feature colour on the chimney wall.

The garden is still very much a work in progress with the bramble jungle growing hugely in the recent wet weather!!  At least it's now usable and a lovely place to enjoy a cuppa in between being shot with water pistols and run over by scooters...

Kid wise, we've had our home ed group sports day last week and Sunday was Vaughan's 5th birthday with his Mario plush collection increasing substantially!

Not surprisingly my crafting has been very much on the back burner and my three WIP's (Koi Garden Shawlette, Plum Island Big Baby Blanket and Helix Socks) are sadly very neglected.  Off to find those extra 48 hours a day...

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