Sunday, 14 July 2013

In a spin

About 8 years ago, I started using wool nappy wraps and longies over Harrison's cloth nappies. I very quickly fell in love with hand dyed yarn and WAHM knitted items. It took me several more years to finally decide to take the plunge and learn to knit again after much lusting over gorgeous yarn, handspun and pretty KnitPro needles. My yarn and needle stash has come a looooong way since then but it took me until earlier this year to buy myself a spinning wheel, knowing full well I was unlikely to find time to learn to spin for a while.
Today I finally grabbed a few minutes to myself and dusted off my Kiwi. I dyed some Whitefaced Woodland back in February which, after a very naff few first attempts actually became more than green fluff!

Much more practice required at, well, all of it but squeeeee at the prospect that I might be able to produce handspun yarn one day!

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