Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Busy, busy!

The days seem to fly by at the moment.  Whilst so much time seems to be taken up with almost daily nurse/doctor appointments for the husbeast, with the added bonus of confirmed diabetes last week, we have managed to squeeze in some fun!

On Thursday, we were treated to a trip to Twycross Zoo by the husbeasts mum.  With temperatures in the thirties and me rocking a kidney infection, we were super excited regardless.  Twycross is only half an hour up the road yet we haven't been for years.  With a car laden with lots of drinks, a picnic and the 7 of us, including MIL, we set off.  As most schools hadn't broken up for holidays it was still fairly quiet but boy, it was hot, especially as I was babywearing! 

A great time was had by all and in a hugely generous gesture, MIL has got us all an annual membership so be prepared for many more zoo pics!!

I also had the opportunity to have another play with my wheel.  I decided to spin some more Whitefaced Woodland I had dyed and actually achieved a small plied skein which I am super happy with!

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