Sunday, 21 April 2013

Blog/Life Musing

This month marks three years of my blogging journey.  I had a previous blog which I started in a mid life crisis moment just prior to my 30th birthday.  Then, like now, it was full of intermittent knitting and craft waffle, dieting woes as I started my weight loss journey (lack of dieting woes on here signifies the distinct lack of dieting!) and pictures of the kids. 

Three years on, I still want to blog more, yet find the 26th hour day elusive!  I'm still rather mid life crisis-y with my current present for my birthday on Thursday from DH being a new piercing (hmm labret I think...maybe...)  I now harbour pipe dreams of taking my crafting further and opening a shop now I am no longer running Bums N Roses.  My knitting has definitely advanced and I at least own a spinning wheel now (I may finally find time to spin in the next year).

On a personal level, I now have four kids (and boy, is Oliver hard work!) and a husband who is here sharing life with us instead of at work 24/7.  Life continues to hand us lemons by the truck load but we are surviving.  Life is most definitely too short and I am much more confident (albeit still not 100% happy!) with myself.  Heck, I even post pictures of myself LOL

So, I guess we shall see where life takes me this year!!

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