Thursday, 21 March 2013

You can never have enough shawls...

Despite my list of planned projects and the WIP's, I cast on a sneaky shawl last week and cast off at 3am this morning, in bed by the light of my iPhone!! 

This rather lovely skein of DyeSpinKnitUK Handspun:

quickly became this lovely Graceful Curve shawl!

The pattern is fabulous and I can very much see me casting this on again, probably in a solid colour silky yarn!

I'm just about to cast on my next WIP with the excuse I am waiting for a pair of extreme needles to knit the rest the blanket since knitting on 15mm interchangables was playing havoc with my CTS and tendinitis.  The small one is suffering from a severe case of teething/snots/growth spurt so my knitting time is rather lacking but I'm hoping to squeeze in half an hour or so later...

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