Thursday, 21 March 2013

You can never have enough shawls...

Despite my list of planned projects and the WIP's, I cast on a sneaky shawl last week and cast off at 3am this morning, in bed by the light of my iPhone!! 

This rather lovely skein of DyeSpinKnitUK Handspun:

quickly became this lovely Graceful Curve shawl!

The pattern is fabulous and I can very much see me casting this on again, probably in a solid colour silky yarn!

I'm just about to cast on my next WIP with the excuse I am waiting for a pair of extreme needles to knit the rest the blanket since knitting on 15mm interchangables was playing havoc with my CTS and tendinitis.  The small one is suffering from a severe case of teething/snots/growth spurt so my knitting time is rather lacking but I'm hoping to squeeze in half an hour or so later...

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Planning Projects

I have always been the kind of knitter (and crafter as a whole) that buys pretty yarn and then plans projects, usually then requiring more yarn LOL!  Hence why I have quite a lot of yarn in my stash :">

I also have a bad habit of doubting my own abilities hence why this year I was/am determined to tackle new things.  So far on the knitting front that means I have mastered magic loop; as a DPN lover I was very resistant to magic looping but now love it, started (but as yet not finished as I am finding them a tad boring!) a pair of two at a time toe up socks and learnt to knit continental style.  The rest of my goals are mainly spinning related but since I have still not managed more than 5 minutes playing they may take longer to achieve!

I have had several patterns queued on Ravelry for a loooong time, some of which I have never had the confidence to knit.  Well, I'm sat here matching my favourite stashed yarn to those patterns and am determined to complete them in 2013...if nothing else I need more shawls desperately!

My plans include:

StarLight Shawl in Wollmeise Pure "True Love" and "WD Versuch (Schwartz)"
Double Knitting which I've never attemped!

Koi Garden Shawlette in Kauni Effektgarn EQ
Entrelec, which I have again never attempted!

I also have several skeins of purchased handspun I'm attempting to find projects for and a gorgeous skein of Gradiance Yarns Silver Sparkle in Tropics which is destined to be a semi circular shawl methinks!

But for now, I really should finish my current WIP's...

Friday, 8 March 2013

Being Organised!

The last week or so have been busy!  A few afternoons of gardening, a new home ed science club last Thursday, we were invited to visit a home ed group on Tuesday and an Art In Empty Shops weaving workshop on Wednesday...lots of early mornings for me and the small ones so we have really appreciated the last two days of relaxing at home, especially given the miserable weather.

Art In Empty Shops Weaving Workshop

As a means to being more organised I now have my super fantastic Roterfaden Taschenbegleiter!  I was rather awkward when it came to the configuration as I wanted to keep both my iPad mini *and* Kindle Paperwhite in it as well as having room for notebooks etc.  It arrived this week and I am completely in love with it <3

I also have fabulous new skins for both my iPad mini and Kindle - both designs from the amazing Valentina Ramos, who's artwork I adore!

Unfortunately, the dieting has been rather screwed up the last few days with being out so much, we're all laden with colds and I haven't managed anything remotely crafty all week. Not all bad though as I do have some new yarn and am planning a purge of the stash and a future WIP planning session tomorrow!