Monday, 25 February 2013

Squeeeee! My new Kiwi is finished

My supplies finally arrived at the end of last week so this weekend I stole a few hours to finish my wheel.

A lot of wax, sore wrists and lime green paint/clear varnish later and voilĂ ...

I haven't managed more than a few minutes playing yet as Oliver seems intent on helping.  I have dyed a bit more fibre though (and have a kg or so more of various breeds to dye!)

Spring Green Whitefaced Woodland
Fuchsia/Purple/Black Whitefaced Woodland

In other none spinning news, I am now completely loving continental knitting...even the Norwegian Purl that originally vexed me!  I sadly haven't done much of my current WIP's but I hope to get more knitting done this week.

It's a week today since I started my diet *again*  This time I have the added joy of the additional weight I put on whilst pregnant plus the more significant amount I put on whilst grieving!  A not too shoddy 8lbs done and many many more to go.  Just before I got pregnant I was down a huge 56.6lbs from my top weight.  I'm now down 25.4lbs from my heaviest and determined to achieve my goals this year!

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