Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Fibre...tis good for you!

For several years I have lusted over spinning as a new hobby.  On numerous occasions I have saved for a wheel and then chickened out last minute.  I have so little time for my crafting as it is and dislike spending money on myself (and hey, what if I suck at it!)

I have finally taken the plunge though and after deciding to go for the lowest in price of the few wheels I was coveting, just in case and to ease my conscience,  I got a huge box delivered from Wingham Wool Work.

An Ashford Kiwi 2, which sadly is STILL boxed as I am waiting the last of the supplies to finish it.  The plan is to wax all the beech and paint the wheel a kiwi green colour :-)

In the meantime, Carla and I finally dyed the merino we got together today.  My half was hand painted in a trio of Jacquard Acid Dye in Hot Fuchsia, Teal and Chartreuse.   Looks fabulous and hopefully will look equally as great spun.

In other craft related news, I've started the Yarn Addicts Continental Knitting with Norwegian Purl online course this week and am loving the new techniques.  I've learnt most of my knitting techniques via online video's so I'm finding the tuition fantastic.

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