Monday, 25 February 2013

Squeeeee! My new Kiwi is finished

My supplies finally arrived at the end of last week so this weekend I stole a few hours to finish my wheel.

A lot of wax, sore wrists and lime green paint/clear varnish later and voilĂ ...

I haven't managed more than a few minutes playing yet as Oliver seems intent on helping.  I have dyed a bit more fibre though (and have a kg or so more of various breeds to dye!)

Spring Green Whitefaced Woodland
Fuchsia/Purple/Black Whitefaced Woodland

In other none spinning news, I am now completely loving continental knitting...even the Norwegian Purl that originally vexed me!  I sadly haven't done much of my current WIP's but I hope to get more knitting done this week.

It's a week today since I started my diet *again*  This time I have the added joy of the additional weight I put on whilst pregnant plus the more significant amount I put on whilst grieving!  A not too shoddy 8lbs done and many many more to go.  Just before I got pregnant I was down a huge 56.6lbs from my top weight.  I'm now down 25.4lbs from my heaviest and determined to achieve my goals this year!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Fibre...tis good for you!

For several years I have lusted over spinning as a new hobby.  On numerous occasions I have saved for a wheel and then chickened out last minute.  I have so little time for my crafting as it is and dislike spending money on myself (and hey, what if I suck at it!)

I have finally taken the plunge though and after deciding to go for the lowest in price of the few wheels I was coveting, just in case and to ease my conscience,  I got a huge box delivered from Wingham Wool Work.

An Ashford Kiwi 2, which sadly is STILL boxed as I am waiting the last of the supplies to finish it.  The plan is to wax all the beech and paint the wheel a kiwi green colour :-)

In the meantime, Carla and I finally dyed the merino we got together today.  My half was hand painted in a trio of Jacquard Acid Dye in Hot Fuchsia, Teal and Chartreuse.   Looks fabulous and hopefully will look equally as great spun.

In other craft related news, I've started the Yarn Addicts Continental Knitting with Norwegian Purl online course this week and am loving the new techniques.  I've learnt most of my knitting techniques via online video's so I'm finding the tuition fantastic.

Monday, 11 February 2013

A cold start to the week

I hate Monday's with a passion!  Today started at 5am with snow and three of the cats playing with the plug chain in the bath...never a good omen for the day!  However, despite the cold and my ever increasing hatred for Club Penguin, the small ones are happily drawing, the baby is asleep on my knee and I have a huge cup of tea so it's not all bad (I haven't forgiven the cats yet though!)

I've managed to sneak in a couple of rows of knitting on my Helix socks today which I haven't picked up for ages.  I started them as part of the lovely Crafts from the Cwtch #NSSkal as socks have always been a bit of nemesis project of mine.  I actually don't wear socks (ever!!) but have always wanted to knit some so decided on a toe up, two at a time pattern to test my new found magic looping skills.  Add in trying Judy's Magic Cast On for the first time and I expected to be completely confuddled but in reality, it's all ridiculously easy!! 

Helix socks in Posh Yarn Elinor Sock Angel Eyes

My other WIP at the moment is a tad larger...a huge sofa throw in super chunky yarn!  A bit of a dream since seeing a cable knit lime green throw last year, I decided it was a essential for our newly redecorated/refurbished living room with the current cold weather (although it'll probably be next winter before it's finished!)

Plum Island Big Baby in Cygnet Seriously Chunky Meadow Green

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Knitting FO Update

Since the blog is one of the places I like to keep track of my knitting disasters  achievements, here's the last few months FO's in once place.

Cristata Shawl by Susanna IC in Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend in Baltic 7330
(Birthday gift for Carla)

(Christmas gift for Daphne)

Capucine by Adela Illichmanova in Noro Kogarashi 01
(for me!)

Alisha Mitts by Erin Birnel in Noro Cash Iroha 113
(a gift for Kerry)

Untangled My Way ~ a simple icord in scrap yarn to keep my earphones untangled

(for Oliver & Vaughan)

Blows away the cobwebs!

It's been rather a long time since I logged into blogger.  The chaos of Christmas, Harrison's 8th birthday and Lee's birthday on top of everything else and I have struggled to keep myself from spiralling into depression.  My somewhat belated resolution for this year is to strive for happiness, to do and be what makes *me* happy.  To achieve the things I want, grasp my dreams with both hands and not let go.  The list of things I want to do probably looks insane or at least like a stereo typical mid life crisis to most people but life is far, far too short to not do what you want to do!

So, I've dusted off blogger, played on photoshop and redesigned everything and shall endeavour to waffle on a much more regular basis!